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Humans of Wimbledon School of English by Alice

You may have heard of the Humans of New York Project? This has now become a successful blog worldwide and includes portraits, interviews, quotes and a glimpse into the lives of strangers living in New York City. The blog now has over 20 million followers on Social Media! 

Teacher Jo has been working with her class to produce Humans of WSE. Our first instalment comes from Alice from Switzerland.  

Hey I am Alice, I come from Switzerland. Actually this is my second time here at Wimbledon School of English. I was here last April, I had a great time and I wasn’t expecting that when I came here. I remember my English wasn’t good and I couldn’t say anything. From that moment it has been improving and that’s why I decided to come here again. When I came here my level was (Upper intermediate Plus) and now my level is (Advanced Plus).

Not only did I come here to improve my English, but I also came here to have a new experience in order to broaden my horizons. In fact, I’m a social and friendly person who makes lots of friends. Because of that now I have such good friends who will remain in my memory forever.