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Humans of Wimbledon School of English by Hiroto

Our third instalment of Humans of Wimbledon School of English is brought to us by Hiroto, from Japan.

Two years ago, I was addicted to playing tennis, I was in the tennis club at high school and i staked everything I had on winning the match. I practised very hard every day and even after finishing my practice sessions, i would continue to improve my skills at home by watching many videos of famous professional tennis players like Andy Murray and Jogovitch.

In the summer, there was the last competition for me. I played as well as I did in my practice matches.  I continued winning and defeated my strong rivals and finally i advanced to the final match. I did my best.  I ran and shot the tennis ball as powerfully as I could, however I couldn't win. Certainly it's true that I lost, but I didn't feel regretful as I knew I had tried my best. 

I play tennis at Wimbledon also. I am enjoying playing tennis much more than I did two years ago.  Everytime i speak about tennis, I feel very happy and can't stop talking about it. And by using my enthusiasm for tennis, I study at Wimbledon School of English also.  

WSE Team