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EL Gazette says...WSE is the top ranked English language school in the UK!

WSE is top of the tables again

The new look EL Gazette is back with the UK Top 100 Ranking List for 2017 and Wimbledon School of English is top of the list for the fourth year running. With a perfect score of 100/100, we are joint top with ELC Bristol, a fellow member of The English Network 

Source: EL Gazette, March 2017


How is the ranking decided? 
It is based entirely on British Council Inspection reports as it is something that all UK based language schools have in common. We all undergo the same inspection and we all get a summary report at the end. It’s one of the fairest ways to compare how different language schools perform across all areas.

So what exactly does a score of 100 mean? 
It means that we exceeded expectations in all 15 areas of the inspection with no suggestions for improvement.

What are the 15 areas of the inspection?

  1. Academic staff profile
  2. Academic management
  3. Accommodation
  4. Care of students
  5. Care of under-18s
  6. Course design
  7. Learner management
  8. Learning resources
  9. Leisure opportunities
  10. Premises and facilities
  11. Publicity
  12. Quality assurance
  13. Staff management
  14. Student administration
  15. Teaching

And what does this mean for students?
It’s a quality guarantee. They know that an independent and well-respected inspection body has come into Wimbledon School of English, evaluated all areas of the school, and awarded us a strength in every area. Lots of language schools claim they are high quality and we have the proof!

Can I read Wimbledon School of English’s report? 
Yes, it’s available here. An English language course is a big investment so we always encourage students to read the reports of the different schools they are considering. They are all available online via the British Council website.

WSE Team