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Humans of Wimbledon School of English by Jet

Our 5th in the series of "Humans of Wimbledon School of English' was written by Jet from The Netherlands.  


The goals I wanted to achieve in WSE:

I always have been an indecisive person, which made it difficult for me to choose what I wanted to do after High school. But I had to make a choice, so I chose to apply for The Hotel School in Amsterdam. Unfortunately this school has a really strict admission. The study is in English and I thought I wasn’t ready to do the selection day yet, that’s why I chose to do a gap year were I can improve my English. 

Now I’m in the school for almost 3 months. I have moved from higher intermediate plus to advanced plus. I have learned a lot in WSE and I have had some lovely experiences. WSE is great school with good teachers and great students. I made some lovely friends by myself and I will definitely visit them in their countries. We are already thinking about doing a reunion in Amsterdam. This will be my last week and I didn’t think I would miss it, but I will.

If I have to give a tip to new students then it would be: join as much social activities as you can because that’s the easiest way to make new friends.

After all I think I’m ready now for my selection day in the Netherlands and hopefully I will also pass my CAE exam at Saturday. 



WSE Team