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"I learned to love and appreciate our differences"

We have just redesigned our brochure (coming soon!) so we have been collecting student feedback and testimonials. We spoke to lots of students from all around the world and got some lovely comments. It's such a shame we couldn’t include all of them in the brochure. However, one testimonial in particular stood out to me and it was from a returning student Xisca, from Spain, who studied with us in 2016 and 2017. We only had space in the brochure to use a tiny snippet but here it is in all its glory.


“The social programme allowed me to meet new people, celebrate traditions try typical dishes from different places. All of this helped me not only improve my English, but also to learn more about myself and open my mind. I have learned about other cultures and religions and to understand and respect them. I have really learned to love and appreciate our differences”  -   Xisca, Spain 



WSE Team