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Goodbye Cathy

After 23 years as a teacher at Wimbledon School of English, we say a very sad but fond farewell to our lovely Cathy.

We asked Cathy if she would do a video goodbye for us but she got a little bit camera shy Embarassed so we have a nice interview with her instead.  Here is what she had to say about her time here at WSE and how she feels about leaving.


WSE: What will you be going off to do? 

Cathy: I'm going to do loads of things and be a 'woman of all trades'.  I've been a teacher for so many years and although I love and enjoy it, it's time for a change.  I will focus on my work as a Trinity Examiner and my work with Online IELTS. 

WSE: Tell us about your first impression of WSE?

Cathy: I remember my interview day, I had 7 interviews planned that day and Wimbledon School of English was my first.  I had my interview with Jane Dancaster and she offered me the job straight away! I was ecstatic but knew I had 6 other interviews to go to.  Jane agreed to wait until the end of the day for my decision but I rang up later that afternoon to accept the role. I knew WSE was where I wanted to be. Gosh, that was in 1995 just after coming back to England after living in New York.

WSE: How has WSE changed?

Cathy: So much has changed but mainly the size of the school. It has grown and developed so much from when I first started. It's a very successful school so it was inevitable that the growth was going to happen.

WSE: What will your lasting memory be?

Cathy: Definitely the banter in the teachers room, the chats, the laughs.  I'll miss it so much. Everyone always mentions how well we all get on but it's true - we're very lucky to have that.

WSE: What has your time at WSE taught you?

Cathy: That teaching has been the right career for me. It's very satisfying to do something that makes you happy.  Teaching, it's my thing.


Thank you for all your hard work Cathy! Best of luck with your future ventures, the school and your students will miss you. 


WSE Team