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Best Value Schools Outside of Central London

Do expensive language schools provide the best tuition? Are cheaper schools sacrificing quality? It can be difficult to know how much to spend when booking an English language course. Outside of Central London, there is a quite a range in the price per hour charged by English language schools, ranging from £13 - £21. But this does not necessarily mean that the most expensive schools provide the best quality in terms of tuition, accommodation and facilities. In fact, a recent report by the EL Gazette has compared the price per hour of English language schools outside of Central London with the British Council inspection results received by each school. The results are have been mapped onto the graph shown below.


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The results show that Wimbledon School of English is the best quality school despite only charging £16 per hour! This is quite the accomplishment considering Wimbledon School of English recently became the first school to achieve a perfect score in two British Council inspections in a row! In an interview with the EL Gazette, Jane Dancaster and Fiona Dunlop explain how they ensured that Wimbledon received their second perfect score.

So there you have it, Wimbledon School of English is the best value school outside of Central London!

WSE Team