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Best Autumnal Places to Visit in Southern England

Autumn is an absolutely exquisite time to explore the beauty of England.  All the wonderful colours of copper, brown, gold and burnt yellow; falling leaves, blustery and crisp air - it's a favouroite season for a lot of us and shouldn't be missed while you're here in London.

Below we have a list of our favourite autumnal places to visit in the south of England and less than 90 minutes from Wimbledon.

Morden Hall Park


Morden Hall Park is just on your doorstep and is located in Mordern, approximately 15 minutes away from Wimbledon. It is a National Trust protected park so is well cared for.  It used to be a deer park but now ha a river running trough it which is a haven for the wildlife. There is a second-hand bookshop on site as well as a cafe and a stable yard.  

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The New Forest


The New Forest is an incredibly stunning and ancient woodland. It consists of 11 small towns including Brockenhurst, Sway and Ringwood and is an oasis of peace and tranquility mixed with the most wonderful free-roaming ponies, cattle, donkeys and deers.  It really is a holiday destination so think aout staying one night at least.

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Scotney Castle


Scotney Castle is also a National Trust potected property. It is set in 770 acres of beautiful woodland comprising a country house, romantic garden and a 14th Century moat castle. With it's picturesque backdrop, you'll feel like you're walking through a fairytale. 

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The Surrey Hills


The Surrey Hills is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and 2018 marks it's 60th year. There are over 60 hidden gems to visit in the Surrey Hills, such as Leith Hill, Frensham Ponds, Lovelace Bridge, Buckland, Godalming and the famous Box Hill. Each place has an attractive market town or village, is rich in wildlife, walking and cycling routes and of course, unbelievably gorgeous views. You really are spoilt for choice in the Surrey Hills.

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Nymans Park is a nature lover's home for every season of the year, with an intimate garden and ancient ruins. It has views streching across the Sussex Weald and hidden corners through stone-clad archways and tree-lined lanes surrounded by green countryside. Nymans Park is vibrantly coloured with an ever evolving range of unusual and rare plants.

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Richmond Park


How could we not include Richmond Park into this mix? Impossible not to.  Richmond Park is, in our opinion, one of the most idyllic and visually beautiful parks in England. You'll find deer roaming around freely, rare birds, bats, wildflowers and green parrots. Youl'll be able to try power kiting, horse riding, golf and off-road cycling and after all of that, you can refuel at the Pembrooke Lodge Team Room which serves fresh food as well as delectable treats.  

Richmond Park is one of London's eight Royal Parks and extends to an area of 2500 acres.

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Have fun exploring!