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Why 30 plus English for life and work is a special course

For those students who are over 30, I would highly recommend the new WSE 30+ course. It is a unique course at WSE unlike our other General English courses because it is only open to those learners who are aged 30 and above. This means if you are over 30 and want to learn English in a classroom with other students who are from a similar age group; it’s the perfect place for you. Although it is interesting to be in a class with younger learners, you may feel that you have more in common and can relate to students who are also over 30. In the 30+ course, you will have the chance to practise your reading, writing, listening and speaking with students who come from different professional backgrounds and have interesting conversations with each other about your life experiences. It is a great place to make new friends and maybe even future travel buddies.


30 plus english courses


The WSE 30+ course uses a course book called ‘Lifestyle’ that is designed specifically for English for travel, work and socialising. If you are planning to travel to English speaking countries and want to be able to have conversations with people you meet, or you need English to improve your job opportunities or to get that promotion you’ve always dreamed about, the 30+ is the best choice for you.

The lessons in the 30+ course focus on functional language and developing the fluency of students so that they are more confident speakers. The lessons follow a more relaxed and slow pace so there is enough time to have long discussions about British history and culture, current affairs and even grammar concepts like tenses if you like. It is great chance to widen your range of vocabulary by discussing issues with you teacher and other students in the class. As well as learning conversational skills and strategies, you’ll also listen to podcasts, radio interviews, dialogues and presentations by English speakers who have a variety of accents.  After listening and note taking you’ll be able to share your own opinions and write down all the new vocabulary you’ve learnt from the audio.

Another benefit of the 30+ course is that the classes tend to be small and you get a lot more attention from the teacher. Of course, you get a lot of attention from your teacher in all our courses, but with smaller classes you have a chance to speak more and be corrected by your teacher more often. The feedback will help you to improve your English more rapidly.


30 plus course in London


The 30+ course also offers students the chance to go on excursions with your class to places of interest in London. Our students so far have visited famous museums, galleries and markets and have thoroughly enjoyed their trips. If there is a place in London you’d really like to visit and find out more about, the teachers will be happy to organise a visit there for you.


30 plus english course


On the 30+ course, you also have a chance to learn how to give presentations in English. This is a useful skill which develops your confidence and allows you to share your knowledge and experience with others and get useful feedback on your performance in a friendly environment.


coffee shop at wse


Did I mention that at WSE, all our 30+ students are served free tea, coffee and biscuits every day in their classroom? This means you don’t need to walk downstairs to the busy student cafe at break time. This is yet another perk of being part of this great course! The other students are quite envious when they walk past the 30+ class to find the students chatting and enjoying their free snacks and beverages.


If you’re over 30 and thinking of studying General English with a difference, the WSE 30+course is definitely for you. You won’t regret it!

WSE Team