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8 Basic Things To Pack If You Are Going Abroad To Study English In London

10th February 2020

8 Basic Things To Pack If You Are Going Abroad To Study English In London


So, you’ve chosen to study at a language school in London. You’ve booked your English course and your plane ticket, and all you have to do now is pack for your trip. But what should you take with you? Apart from your passport and an umbrella, what else do you need for your stay?


Here’s our list counting down eight items you shouldn’t leave home without.

scarf for english course

8. A scarf

It won’t take you long to notice that scarves are popular all year round in London. Find one that will keep you cosy in winter but that can be worn loosely when the weather gets warmer – and it really does get warmer, we promise!

 7. A reusable coffee flask/water bottle

Having one of these will not only help save the planet, it might also save you money. Many cafes give customers a small discount if they bring their own coffee flask, so getting one is definitely a good idea. Also, remember that UK tap water is safe to drink so you can fill up your bottle to keep you hydrated while you study!


6. A vocabulary notebook

A small, pocket-sized notebook is a great tool for recording new words and phrases. These words and phrases are essential for learning how to speak English. (Your teacher will be very impressed).


5. Oyster card

OK…we’re cheating a bit with this one! It’s unlikely you will pack an Oyster card, as you’ll need to buy it when you arrive, but we thought it was too important not to mention. Having an Oyster card means you can travel easily by just tapping in and out at train stations and only tapping once when you get on buses or trams in London. For more information on getting around, check out


4. Highlighter pens!

Everyone has a different system that helps them study, but many find that using different colours for, let’s say, different tenses, provides a great visual guide. A very useful tool when taking an English speaking course, and they help cut down on the most common grammatical errors in English. Are we the only ones who are excited about buying new stationery?!


3. Comfortable shoes

Of course, these are essential for any trip, but London is huge and you might find that you do more walking than usual. Many of the main tourist destinations are within walking distance of each other, but the last thing you want is sore feet!


2. A UK plug adaptor

This one is easy to forget so double-check your luggage. You’ll need it to charge your devices and access all those great English-learning apps!


1. Layers!

Hmm, it looks like we’ve cheated again! This isn’t really one item, but many. Because of the changeable British weather, we suggest bringing a variety of clothing – t-shirts as well as jumpers. Oh, and a raincoat – the key to comfort in the UK!


And there you go! What else would you add? We hope you enjoyed our very quick guide and we look forward to welcoming you to London soon!