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A poem by Mariana from Brazil

"Mind your heart, not only the gap"

We love seeing our students using their creativity and English skills together. This wonderful poem was written by Mariana, from Brazil, who studied with us last month.

Poem by Marian from Brazil


Mind your heart, not only the gap


The weather might be cold

And the sun can be shy

But London can also be dry

Although you might not have been told


The truth is it might be raining or not

You'll certainly enjoy the city a lot

By travelling to the past in Hampton Court

Or watching a play which will melt your heart


When you visit London you can get much knowledge

Because the city is such a cultural storage

The thousand pieces museum collections

Amplify your art, history and science perceptions


At the same time Big Ben rings

The most traditional of British beings

Diversity and alternative things you can find

So you should also have a well opened mind


You always hear 'mind the gap' on the train

But I would recommend to also mind your heart

Because a sudden passion for the city can start

And you will want to be in London again and again


by Mariana