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Poems inspired by Shakespeare: By Teacher Kathryn's Beginners class

The students here at Wimbledon School of English have really embraced the upcoming 400 year celebration of Shakespeare.

These are some of the really creative, sweet and funny poems that Teacher Kathryn and her Beginners class have produced together :) All inspired by Shakespeare.


Denje & Jan

'You are a good teacher, 

You have blue eyes.

One day I will follow you

and say I love you'



'Beautiful Teacher

Happy every day

But today especially smiley

Because it's Friday'



'You are a 'veggie'

A funny, strong person.

You have a big house

And you laugh all the time!'



'One day, her comes the teacher

I didn't know how she would be.

Time goes by,

And she shows,

She has a beautiful soul

In a beautiful body,

On a beautiful face.

Show shes us love

Show shows us help,

She brings us sun

She brings us fun.

I have more to say, because she can amaze!'


WSE Team