Cambridge C1 Advanced CAE

exam preparation

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 16


Hours/Week - 20


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 1 - 12


CEFR Course Level from - CEFR Higher Intermediate (B2) to Advanced (C1)

2024 Course Fees

1 - 4 weeks
397 per week

plus registration & materials

5 - 11 weeks
375 per week

plus registration & materials

12 weeks
347 per week

plus registration & materials

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Course Information

 Start Dates 2024:

From 08 January to 15 March 

From 18 March to 07 June 

From 23 September to 13 December 

Cambridge Exam Preparation London All students must pass the school entrance exam test before starting their examination course. You may enrol after the starting date subject to availability and your level of English. Students cannot finish an examination course before the end date.

Over 6,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments across the globe accept Cambridge English: C1 Advanced as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. 

The Cambridge English C1 Advanced Language Course consists of 24 lessons, 20 hours per week of dedicated preparation for the Cambridge C1 Advanced Examination. This Cambridge C1 Advanced CAE preparation course is designed by experienced exam teachers. This is a full-time English course dedicated to prepare you for the Cambridge C1 CAE language examination.

You will:

done Follow a dedicated programme that will prepare you for the C1 Advanced examination.

done Develop the exam techniques required to reach a good score in the examination.

done Sit practice tests under exam conditions and receive feedback on your performance.

done Take an internationally-recognised exam at the end of the course here at our exam centre in Wimbledon.

done Receive up to 2 hours of homework each evening.

Summer Cambridge C1 Advanced

July & August

Book 1 to 8 weeks