Summer Courses for Juniors

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We are delighted that, for summer 2023, we are offering you a choice of experiences; for a feeling of what it is like to stay at a British boarding school, you can choose our Summer Centre at beautiful Lord Wandsworth College. For more of a city experience, you can study, have activities, and stay in homestay accommodation in Wimbledon.

Both English-language programmes from Wimbledon School of English are for young people aged up to 17 years old who want to come to England to learn English, make friends from all around the world, have fun, and explore the UK!

Our Junior Summer Centre at Lord Wandsworth College is for 12 - 17-year-olds and is open from Sunday 9th July to Saturday 5th August 2023.  The college is situated on the border of Hampshire and Surrey, an hour and 30 minutes outside of Central London, and is surrounded by 500 hectares of beautiful English countryside. 

Our WSE Juniors in Wimbledon course is for students aged 14 - 17 years old and is available from Sunday 25th June to Sunday 13th August 2023. This English course for juniors is located in beautiful premises in the heart of Wimbledon. This exciting Wimbledon-based programme combines the study of English with other topics and includes daily visits to the centre of London.

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WSE Juniors - LWC
WSE Juniors - Wimbledon

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2023 Juniors Brochure


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English course includes We offer you:


English lessons for juniors Your lessons:


 Accommodation for English for juniors Your homestay accommodation (WSE Juniors in Wimbledon):


Accommodation for English junior course Arranging your own accommodation (WSE Juniors in Wimbledon):


Accommodation for English course Your residential accommodation (Lord Wandsworth College):


English activities for juniors Your activities include:

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