Fire Safety Policy

Nov 2019 (DM)


It is a mandatory requirement of working at WSE Summer Centre that all staff members need to be fully conversant with this policy and any failure to observe this policy may result in disciplinary action.

If you have any concerns regarding any health and safety issues on the premises you have a legal obligation to report these concerns to: Adam Mathews (Centre Manager).


  1. Overall Responsibility 
    Overall and final responsibility for health and safety including FIRE SAFETY at the Summer Centre is that of Adam Mathews (The Centre Manager)

  2. Safety Representative 
    The Health & Safety Representative for these premises is Chris Lane (LWC Representative).


FIRE SAFETY POLICY                                                                      

  1. Fire Risk Assessment

Adam Mathews is responsible for ensuring that the fire risk assessment is undertaken and implemented. A fire risk assessment is conducted prior to the first students arriving and is reviewed in the event of a material change to the premises or location of staff or students.  On a scale between: Trivial, Tolerable, Moderate, Substantial and Intolerable the level of risk to life from fire at WSE Junior Summer Centre based at Lord Wandsworth College was assessed as Tolerable.

  1. Checking of Escape Routes

Adam Mathews checks all escape routes in the building for blockages on a daily basis.

  1. Fire Prevention
  1. Fire Safety Awareness Training
    All staff receive fire safety awareness training as part of their induction.  This includes returning staff.
  1. Fire Safety information to be included in the Welcome Pack given to every student.
  1. Fire Exits and Fire Assembly Point.  During the School Tour on Day 1, students must be shown the main Fire Exits and the Fire Assembly Point. 
  1. Visitors and Contractors must be made aware of Fire Safety information.
  1. Fire Action Notices.  All classrooms and public areas to have clear notices describing the correct action to take in the event of fire.  It is the Centre Manager’s responsibility to ensure that these notices are in place and that employees' and students attention is drawn to them.  Fire Notices to include the following information:
  1. Registration Check in the event of a fire.  Depending on time of day, the teacher (if during class time), the Social Activities Leader (if during activities time) or the House Parent (at any other time) will check that all students are present at the fire assembly point by calling out the register. Registration information will be given to the Centre Manager or whoever is in charge.
  1. Fire Escape Routes must be kept clear, unlocked and easily accessible at all times.
  1. Fire Drills must be carried out on a regular basis, that is, every week and a note of the drill kept in a log book.  The premises have to be vacated promptly and the situation treated as a real fire.  The Centre Manager is in charge of ensuring that this is done.

Procedure in the event of a fire

In the event of fire the fire alarm must be sounded and the fire brigade called. 

The premises must be evacuated as quickly as possible. 

Staff members in charge of students are responsible for escorting the students off the premises. 

Once safely outside the staff member in charge of each group is responsible for checking the register to ensure that all students are safe.

The staff members must report their findings to the Centre Manager or person in charge.

 The Centre Manager or person in charge is responsible for checking that all the other staff, visitors and contractors are safe.

Fire Extinguishers

Lord Wandsworth College is responsible for ensuring that the fire extinguishers are checked and maintained annually.  A record of all service dates should be kept on each extinguisher.


Fire Alarms

Lord Wandsworth College is in charge of checking that the fire alarms are kept in working order at all times.  The fire alarm is tested on a weekly basis by Lord Wandsworth College on a Tuesday.

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Drills are conducted regularly (on a weekly basis). The target evacuation time is between 2 & 2.5 minutes for the building to be clear. Details and observations of the drills are recorded in a fire log book

Fire Signage

Fire Action Notices can be found in each of the classrooms advising students what to do in the event of a fire. The signs are in green picture frames.  In addition, outside of classrooms, Fire Exit routes and Fire Exits are signed with green notices and fire doors carry red “Fire Door – Keep Closed” signs.