Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the some of the most frequently asked questions for our Junior Summer Centre. Please read the answers below to see if you can find the information you need. If not, please contact our team on and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

WSE Juniors at Lord Wandsworth College FAQs

Please find below a list of common questions, we hope you find it useful, but please get in contact if there's anything else we can help with.

Student Information - What is the size of the school?  keyboard_arrow_down
Student Information - What are the details of the excursions?
Student Information - Where do the students come from? keyboard_arrow_down
Student Information - What is the student to staff ratio? keyboard_arrow_down
Student Information - Is it possible to attend as a day student and live off campus? keyboard_arrow_down
Student Information - Is it possible to follow part of the programme? For example, classes only? keyboard_arrow_down
Student Information - Will I be able to use my mobile phone at all times? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - I know what my level of English is. Why do I have to do a level test? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Do I have the same teacher throughout my course?
Academic - What do I do if I feel I’m in the wrong level? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Can I do the Green Leaders course if I’m below B1 level? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - What happens if I sign up to a course with a minimum entry level, but on the initial test it turns out that I don’t have the required level? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - What is a Specialist Skills Workshop? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Can I choose a Specialist Skills Workshop after I arrive? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Can I change my Specialist Skills Workshop mid-week? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Do I receive a leaving certificate and a report? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - Does the leaving certificate have my level on it? keyboard_arrow_down
Academic - How many students are there in my class? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - How far is the accommodation from the rest of the facilities? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - How is the accommodation allocated?  keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - How far are the showers and toilets from the rooms? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - How many students will share one bathroom? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - Are there sinks in the bedrooms? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - What furniture do the bedrooms have? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - Are towels provided? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - How does the laundry service work? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - Is there Wi-Fi in the accommodation? How is it controlled? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - What can students do during “house time”? keyboard_arrow_down
Accommodation - Will students have access to a kitchen outside of meal times? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - What is the difference between the tennis activity & the tennis coaching? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - How long does a tennis coaching session last? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - Where does it take place? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - Who is my tennis coach? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - Is it definitely for all levels? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - What does the coaching session include? keyboard_arrow_down
Professional Tennis Coaching - Do I need to bring my own tennis racket? keyboard_arrow_down
Airport Transfers - Who will meet me at the airport? keyboard_arrow_down
Airport Transfers - If I use the shuttle service, what is the maximum waiting time? keyboard_arrow_down
Airport Transfers - If I arrive outside of the shuttle window, can I share my transfer with another student? keyboard_arrow_down
Booking your course - Does WSE offer visa support? keyboard_arrow_down