Online Debating Presentations and Public Speaking

Tuesday workshop

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 11


Hours/Week - 1:40


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 1 - 4


Course Level - Intermediate (B1)

Course Fees

1 - 3 weeks
£20 per evening

no registration or materials

4 weeks
£70 in total

no registration or materials

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Course Information

English tutoring for kids Start Dates:

09-30 March 2021 | 01-22 June 2021

2 lessons per week Tuesday 17.00-18.50 GMT (includes a 10-minute break)


Learn English Online You will:


NB: When booking this course, choose the start date as the Monday before your Tuesday lesson. For example, if you are booking the workshop on Tuesday 9th March, then choose your start date as Monday 8th March.