Virtual Summer Camp

Young Leaders Course

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 14


Hours/Week - 12:30


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 1 - 9


Course Level - Higher Intermediate (B2)

Course Fees

1 - 3 weeks
£190 per week

no registration or materials

3 - 6 weeks
£190 per week

no registration or materials

6 - 9 weeks
£190 per week

no registration or materials

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Course Information

english learning for kids Start Dates:

Monday 14th June - Friday 13th August 2021

Book 1 - 9 weeks

kids learning english Times:

Mon - Fri 08:30 - 12:35 UK Time

Our Young Leaders course isn't just for English language learners. If your first language is English, and you would like to learn valuable skills to help you become a leader of tomorrow, then this course is for you. For English language learners, it is ideal for more mature students whose level is between Higher Intermediate (B2) to Proficiency (C2) level.

On this course you will:


English School Online Specialist Skills Workshops (5 x 50-minute lessons per week)

Students work together on exciting projects in our popular multi-level Specialist Skills Workshops

Choose a different Workshop each week


learning english for kids Also included:


Learn English Online At the end of the course students will get: