Absenteeism and Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

Updated Oct 2022 (DM)

Absenteeism and Disciplinary Policy and Procedures





Definition of acceptable absence:








Disciplinary Actions – Absences



  1. First teacher warning
  2. Second teacher warning
  3. Meeting with DoS/ADoS and sent a first warning letter


(N.B. in certain circumstances, a final verbal warning may be issued. If a welfare issue is raised or suspected, the Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) is advised and kept updated.)


  1. For any welfare issue, a note is made on the student’s record on the database. Any welfare issues are checked in weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings between the ADoS, the Designated Safeguarding Lead, who is also the Accommodation Manager.
  2. Continued absence for no valid reason means a second visit to the ADoS/DoS and a second letter.
  3. Continued absence means a third visit to the ADoS/DoS, who will discuss the matter with the Principal, after which a final warning letter is sent, followed by dismissal if bad attendance continues.
  4. A formal dismissal letter is then sent out and the student leaves the school that week.
  5. No refund of fees is given to students who are dismissed from the school in this way.










Disciplinary Procedure (non-absence)


Discipline problems may consist of persistent:



The following procedure will be followed: