Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Updated Dec 2022 (DM)

About Wimbledon School of English (WSE)

WSE is a privately owned language school based in Wimbledon, south west London, whose mission is to provide a quality service to its customers in a friendly and caring environment.  At any one time the school is host to around 250 students from about 60 different countries.  A wide range of courses including exam preparation; general English; EAP; Business & Professional and Legal English are offered. 


CSR Statement

We believe that companies should be responsible for managing their business in a sustainable manner.  This means understanding the nature of the impact they have on society as well as the environment.  To do this, we have used the four key areas of CSR that have been identified.  These are:



Our annual report includes achievements in these four areas.


CSR Policy - Market Place                    


CSR Policy - Workplace                   


CSR Policy - Environment                   


CSR Policy - Community