Feedback Policy/Procedures

Updated Oct 2022 (DM)

Feedback Policy/Procedures



It is our aim to get feedback on all aspects of the students’ experience during their time at WSE.  This includes not only their learning experience but also their accommodation, facilities available, the social programme, the airport transfer service and even the service they received from their agents.

It is also our aim to deal with issues arising out of feedback promptly and to the satisfaction of all concerned.




During the Welcome Talk students are advised on who to talk to if they have a problem i.e. their teacher about their classes; the Accommodation Manager about their accommodation; Reception about the social programme; any member of staff if they have any personal problems of any kind and Reception for any other general queries.  During the induction tour on their first day in the school they are introduced to some of these staff and shown where to find the others.  They are also given a questionnaire which asks about their arrival procedures.


At the end of their first week in the school students attend a short “Arrivals” meeting where they are re-introduced to the Welfare Officer and Accommodation Manager, asked about their stay, advised about travelling safely in London and asked to complete an End-of-Week One Feedback Form.  The intention here is to find out early if the student is dissatisfied in any way with their stay here.


All students have a short tutorial with their teacher every four weeks, or once during their stay if it is less than four weeks.  The main purpose of this is to set personal learning targets with the student but also to ensure the student’s expectations are being met.  Tutorial information is stored on eWimbledon and can be reviewed by teachers, students and academic managers.  Any problems arising are dealt with by the teacher or escalated to the appropriate person immediately following the tutorials.


In their final week, students are asked to complete an online questionnaire about their stay in Wimbledon.  The students are invited to rate and comment on classes and teaching, administration, the social programme, their accommodation, and the school in general. They are also asked for any other information or suggestions on how we can improve that they would like to feedback to us.


Each week a random selection of those who are leaving from each class are asked to attend a “Leavers” Meeting.  During this meeting students are encouraged to feed back on things they liked and things they didn’t like about the school and their stay here.  This includes suggestions for improvement.

Information gathered at leavers’ meetings are fed back to teachers and admin staff at their regular monthly meetings. Complaints are passed on to relevant staff immediately.


Data from the Leavers’ Questionnaires are collated regularly, and the actual questionnaires are filed by month and put in the Teachers’ Room for teachers to peruse, followed by staff who are responsible for the Social Programme, Accommodation and Marketing. Questionnaires are stored in the Academic Office.


An Open Door policy is operated at WSE.  However, students are also advised that they can escalate problems that are not resolved to their satisfaction either to the Director of Studies, Accommodation Manager, Operations Director, the Principal, or the Managing Director (see WSE Complaints Procedure, which is given to students on day one and is on the noticeboard in the hall).


Serious problems that are highlighted through our feedback procedures are dealt with as set out in the WSE Complaints and Suggestions Policy and Procedure.