Personal Harassment & Bullying Policy

Updated Oct 2022 (DM)



WIMBLEDON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for all students and staff and will not tolerate any form of harassment or abusive or extremist behaviour. Students are expected to respect our core values, which include mutual respect, tolerance of differences, individual liberty, the rule of law and democracy.

The following are not tolerated at WIMBLEDON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH:


All students must sign the school’s e-safety agreement before using any internet enabled device on the school premises. By signing the e-safety agreement students agree to be bound by the agreement.


If a student experiences or witnesses bullying or abusive behavior, they should contact a member of staff immediately. These are primarily:



Teachers and other staff are aware of the signs of bullying and abusive or extremist behaviour and if they experience or witness any such behaviour, they will contact an Academic Manager who will, if necessary, involve the Principal. When an Academic Manager and, if necessary, the Principal have been notified, an appropriate course of action will be decided.


Cases of abusive behaviour may result in disciplinary action in the case of staff or, in the case of students, termination of their course with no refund.


Important: It is the school’s decision if a student’s behaviour is unacceptable or not. If a student’s behaviour is unacceptable and they have not heeded verbal warnings given by WIMBLEDON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH staff, the school will give them one written warning. If unacceptable behaviour occurs again, the school will order the student to leave the school immediately with no refund of any fees.


Please note that the school may order the student to leave the school immediately with no refund of fees and no written warning if the behaviour is very serious in the school’s opinion.


In addition, the school reserves the right to involve the police if it believes their assistance is required to maintain the peace or to investigate a suspected criminal incident.