School Rules Policy

Updated Oct 2022 (DM)

School Rules Policy




School Rules



Students are expected to be on time for their classes. They may not be allowed into the lesson if they are more than 15 minutes late for the first lesson, or more than 5 minutes late for the second and third lessons.

We are a serious school and expect every student to be on time, attend every lesson and do all their homework.


Any student who is sick must:



If a student is absent for 10 consecutive days or more, or are repeatedly absent (e.g. 1 or 2 days per week), without authorization, they will be reported to the Home Office if they are a visa national, and to their sponsor if they are a sponsored student, and they may be asked to leave the school.


If a student is asked to leave the school for poor attendance or conduct their fees will not be refunded.


Students will only receive a leaving certificate if their attendance has been 80% or more.


Students must telephone or email the school to tell us if they cannot come to school for any reason.



Homework is important and must be handed in on time. Students should expect to get up to 2 hours self-study work each evening.


Food and Drink

Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere in the school building or garden.


Students are asked not to eat or drink during the lessons (water is allowed).


Food or drink is not permitted in the Study Centre and food is not permitted in the classrooms on the third floor. Students can eat in the Common Rooms, garden and ground floor and first floor classrooms.



We ask students to keep their classroom(s), the public areas of the school and the gardens tidy and to use the litter bins provided for their rubbish. Recyclable rubbish should be disposed of in the recycling bins in the Coffee Shop. No food should be put in the classroom rubbish bins.


Use of Mobile Phones and Recording Equipment

The use of mobile phones during lessons for calls or anything else apart from classroom learning is prohibited. We ask students not to leave the lesson in order to use their mobile phone. Filming or audio recording lessons is not permitted.


Speaking English

English must be spoken at all times in class and in the Common Room. Any students speaking their own language in class will be asked to pay a 20p fine (all money collected is given to charity).


Bullying and Harassment

We ask students to treat all fellow students and members of staff with respect. If a student thinks someone has treated them badly or if someone is making them unhappy, we ask them to speak to a member of staff immediately.


Smoking and vaping

Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the school buildings. Students may smoke or vape in the garden but using the ashtrays provided, and not putting their cigarette ends in the flowerbeds or pots.  Students are also asked not to smoke at the ‘no smoking’ tables in the garden. Students are also reminded that they can’t buy cigarette, tobacco, or nicotine products in the UK if they are under 18 and are not permitted to smoke at WSE if they are under 18.


Neighbours and the Community

We ask students to be considerate towards our neighbours and not to run, shout or play ball games in the garden. We also ask them not to stand alone or in groups on the pavement in front of the school or to walk along the street in large groups as other people, children and parents with prams are forced onto the road.


We remind students that if they commit a criminal offence or have to be severely disciplined, they will be asked to leave, and no refund will be given. We will also inform the immigration authorities, their sponsor, and their parents if they are under 18.


Internet Access

The entire main building of WSE is wireless enabled. Students may use the school’s computer equipment to access websites to assist them in their studies, either with or without the guidance of a teacher. Students may also use the computers in the common room, or their own devices, to access other websites. However, students are strictly forbidden to access, either on the school system or their own 4G networks, any site which is deemed inappropriate, in line with the government’s Prevent policy.  Such sites include, but are not limited to, those which are racist, sexist, pornographic, homophobic, or are deemed to promote violence or extremist views which contradict core British values.