Social Programme Policy

Updated Oct 2022 (DM)

Social Programme Policy


General Statement


Wimbledon School of English does not undertake to provide a comprehensive social programme, but rather, a programme which should introduce students to each other and to the opportunities available.  Beyond this, the school undertakes to provide students with information on forthcoming events and advice on how to make the most of their free time. This policy is based on the belief that students will gain greater benefit from their time in London if given the freedom and information to explore the possibilities themselves.


For the purposes of this document, 'Social Programme' denotes those activities that take place outside teaching times, and which are not linked to the teaching programme. Teachers arrange their own class excursions which are integrated into the course.


Aims of the Social Programme


1.   To offer entertainment and the opportunity for social interaction;

2.   To offer the opportunity to participate in physical (sporting) activities;

3.   To offer a cultural experience (in the broadest sense), i.e. an experience of life in Britain;

4.   To offer an opportunity for students to use spoken English in a natural context;

5.   To offer students an introduction to British culture so that they may then follow their own interests.


Operation of the Social Programme



Activities are organised year-round, but with seasonal variances.  The frequency with which activities are repeated is determined by demand.


Availability / Charges  

The social activities are available to all students, both full and part-time, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Many of the activities are free of charge and where there is a charge this is advertised.



A minimum of one member of staff is present at all organised events. For further details, see ‘Statement of Policy on supervision ratios and qualifications of staff used on leisure activities on & off site’



Activities include the following:-  Sports (e.g.  Badminton, Running, Football, Squash, Volleyball and Tennis); film showings; full-day excursions by coach; social evenings/after school activities; dance sessions; Friday afternoon excursions to London attractions; Theatre Excursions; Discos. 



The activities for the week are advertised on the boards in the Common Room, on Facebook, the screens and on e-wimbledon.  Each teacher is given a copy of the weekly Social Programme on a Monday for the classroom noticeboard.  Further information about any social activities can be requested from Reception. A social programme calendar is produced for each month.




Attendance lists are kept for all full-day excursions, sports/cultural visits and activities.  The Principal or Juniors Operations Manager keeps a record of students attending different activities. Student reactions are monitored at the event and reported to the Principal or Juniors Operations Manager by the member of staff in attendance.  Students are asked about their social activities during tutorials with their teacher, at leavers’ meetings and on the Leavers’ Questionnaire.





It is the aim of Wimbledon School of English that all activities are carried out with due regard to health and safety.  To this end comprehensive instructions for staff involved in social programme activities have been drawn up (based on social programme activities risk assessments) and these are made available to Social Programme group leaders before they engage in an activity.  In addition, when taking a group of students on an excursion, a safety instruction sheet, a list of all students on the excursion and a first aid kit is provided to staff members leading the excursion.


A student information sheet provides students with important safety information including the school phone number and emergency number.


Statement of policy on supervision ratios and qualifications of staff used on leisure activities off site


We offer a variety of leisure activities, from full-day excursions to tourist attractions to a selection of sports.


For each activity students are accompanied by a group leader, who may be a teacher, member of the administration staff, or activities staff.  The group leader has full instructions including what to do in the event of an emergency, and always has money and one of the school mobile phones. Students are also given instructions on precautions to take while on the excursion and what to do in an emergency. All under 18s are identified to the staff member accompanying the group.  There are staff instructions for each activity.


Afternoon and evening excursions on public transport

For all staff-accompanied afternoon and evening excursions we have a ratio of 1:15 year-round.


Full day excursions by coach

One member of staff per coach.  Not more than 15 under 18s per coach.  NB The staff member is not expected to stay with the students for the whole day, but the students have the excursion mobile number and the School Emergency Phone number, and the staff member has a list of the students’ phone numbers.  Once they have finished any tours or visits the students are free to explore the town in small groups.  Students under 18 are placed in a group of minimum 4 students by the staff member.  See the staff instructions document for full procedures.



Our ratio for sports activities is: 1:15


We do not claim to teach any of the sports we offer.  The function of the sports group leader is to accompany the group to the venue and back, check everything is correct at the venue, organise teams, pairs etc for the actual sport and take appropriate action in the event of an accident (see the staff instructions document).  The leader will usually join in with the activity if appropriate. 


If a student wishes to take tennis, golf, horse riding or squash lessons with a professional teacher we can organise these at one of the local clubs.


Information available for students to develop their own social activities