Student Holiday Policy

Updated March 2023 (DM)

Student Holiday Policy


WSE is not open on Saturdays or Sundays or public or bank holidays. Classes missed as a result of a bank or public holiday will not be refunded or made up.


The following rules relating to student holidays apply:


1. If you wish to take a holiday, you must give 7 days’ notice in writing to Reception.

2. Refunds are not given for holiday periods, but you may be able to extend your course.

(i) Extensions can only be made for full calendar weeks.

(ii) No extensions will be given for students who take holidays during courses with set dates or examination courses. We strongly discourage students from taking holiday during examination courses.


(iii) When planning a holiday please note your UK VISA EXPIRY DATE. Courses can only be

extended up to this date. You cannot extend your course after your UK visa expiry date.


3. Holidays on the Academic Year Programme / long courses:


Students on the AYP may take up to 4 weeks’ holiday but you are advised to provide the dates at the time of booking. Your holiday must be taken on the dates you have booked.


4. Taking holiday while you are in school accommodation.


Homestays: If you take any holiday during your stay and you are away from your homestay, you will be charged half of the weekly rate for accommodation for each calendar week of absence. This includes holiday taken over the Christmas period when the school is closed. Please give two weeks’ notice in writing to Reception if you wish to take holiday from your homestay.


Residences / Justin James: If you take a holiday during your stay and are away you will still be charged the full rate for the period of absence.