Corporate Social Responsibility

at Wimbledon School of English


CSR Statement

We believe that companies should be responsible for managing their business in a sustainable manner.  This means understanding both the nature and the degree of impact they have on society.

For many years Wimbledon School of English has supported local charities and has been committed to raising funds and awareness for a wide variety of causes.

In 2012 we incorporated this into a wider Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, based on three pillars that guide us in our conduct of responsible business and we are committed to improving our sustainability in these 3 main areas: Sustainability, Education and Society.

Sustainability in the workplace:

We promote a ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ policy, taking steps to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources while maintaining a comprehensive recycling policy. We also strive to choose products from ethically produced and sustainable sources.

Sustainability Education:

We include sustainability topics in our curriculum as well as raising awareness of environmental and social issues among our student population.

Creating a sustainable society:

We lead by example, showing people how to be tolerant and accepting of different cultures. We also encourage all of our stakeholders to consider sustainability in all areas of their lives. We will continue to raise awareness for, and donate money to local and international non-profit organisations.


Our long-term vision

Our ultimate goal is to become completely carbon neutral, which means we will take out as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in.

Here are some of the things we do/have done


To ensure that CSR is integrated into the way we run our business, we will report annually on our achievements in these areas.

For more information on WSE’s Charity of the Year, please visit our Charity webpage.