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English e-learning with e-wimbledon

e-wimbledon is WSE's free online blended learning platform, available to all English Language students from three months before their course starts until three months after they have left.

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WSE English - the mobile app

We are pleased to have a language learning app called WSE English!  This app allows people to improve their English language skills on the go - even if they're not connected to the internet.

The unique points of WSE English, are that it can be translated into 10 different languages which means that even those with no knowledge of English can make a start on improving their language skills.  New lessons are unlocked every week, and it has plenty of interactive, funny videos.  All this for FREE.

To find out about all the other great benefits to WSE English, visit our blog http://www.wimbledon-school.ac.uk/blog/wse-english-the-english-language-learning-app/ 

Download WSE English NOW! Available on Apple and Android.

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