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Hi, my name is Greg, I come from Ireland and I have been living in London for the past 7 years. I started in the industry in 2017 after attaining my CELTA certificate and working in another London language school. I knew the reputation and quality of WSE for many years and I am delighted to now be part of their driven and creative marketing team! I have a varied experience, having worked in different roles within Film, TV and Music. I am a huge music fan and I love all things creative. I find ELT a very interesting industry to work in and love getting to know people from different parts of the world.
Greg McCarthy
Marketing & Digital Media Manager
I joined Wimbledon School of English in May 2017 as Service Coordinator. This is my first time working in a school and I am enjoying it very much. I love working with a great team of staff and it's so interesting meeting students from all over the world. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends...not forgetting my 3 dogs!
Hayley Johnson
Services Co-ordinator
I moved from the Czech Republic to the UK in August 2015. I wanted to improve my English, experience a different culture and make a change in my life. I started working as an au-pair, looking after children, and then moved on to a career in retail. From the shop floor I worked my way up to floor manager. The most interesting aspect of my job in retail was the opportunity to be around people and provide excellent customer service. For this reason, I was excited to join WSE as I get to meet people from around the world and work with great staff. In my spare time I love going to the gym and focussing on my well-being. I am currently studying a personal trainer course and training for a wellness competition. One of my goals is to help people live healthier and happier lives.
Gabriela Krchova
Accommodation & Registration Officer
Yahya Khoudeir
Sales Executive for MENA & Turkey
I moved to London in August 2017 from Italy to improve my English and so I started working as an au pair. After 2 years of living with a host family, I decided to begin a career in childcare, and I found a position as a Nursery Assistant. I studied for the EYF Level 3 qualification, and I worked my way up to a Room leader position, also acting as third in charge. This experience helped me grow a lot as I was working closely with the management team. After 4 years of working there I decided to explore a new career and in April I started my career at Wimbledon School of English as an assistant administrator, and I hope to work my way up the career ladder! I'm really happy about the choice I made, as I'm having an incredible experience working with wonderful international students and staff and learning about different cultures. In my spare time I like to spend time with my dog, Pablo and my family, go on little adventures and go horse riding.
Annalisa Sciascia
Administration Officer
Hi, I am Marta and I come from Poland. I have been living in London for the past ten years and in 2023 I had a pleasure to join accounts team at Wimbledon School of English. I sparked my interest in accounting while working in retail for so many years. I like the way it organises data and aspects of decision making. The atmosphere at school is great, everybody is helpful and attentive. I enjoy my time here and meeting people from all around the world. If I need a little time to unwind, I will read books or spend time with my family and friends.
Marta Kurzynowska
Accounts Assistant
I started my career in teaching in 1989 when I lived in Egypt. From Egypt I moved to Brazil where I spent a few years working mainly with corporate clients who wanted to learn English. After living overseas for several years I decided to return to the UK. I have been at WSE since 2001 when I started as Director of Studies. I have recently taken over as Principal, a role that I am honoured and excited to have. We have a wonderful team here at WSE and also enthusiastic, hard-working students who, together, create a great environment in the school. I love my job and am very proud to be a part of WSE. I have great opportunities to meet people from all over the world and be part of people's learning experience. Our school is a fantastic place to work with a welcoming atmosphere, lovely building, stunning garden and friendly people.
Fiona Dunlop
Originally from Portugal, I moved to the UK 10 years ago and have worked in the education industry since. I first started as a conference organiser for StudyTravel, having moved into sales positions in a couple of different organisations. I have a soft spot for the juniors programme and will be most happy to discuss it with both agents and students' parents alike.
Alexandra Branco
Senior Sales Executive
Hi, my name is Claudia. I am Portuguese and I moved to London in 2014. In Portugal, I worked as Admin Assistant for an Institution called Santa Casa da Misericordia, which operates a nursery, residential structure for the elderly, Pre-School, Hospital, day centre and home support services. In September 2022, I was lucky enough to join Wimbledon School of English, one of the best Schools in the UK, as Accounts Assistant. I am very proud to be part of such a great team! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family.
Claudia Silva
Accounts Assistant
I recently joined the Sales and Marketing Department of WSE after working for one of our partners. I am very happy to work with all the friendly staff here and to be in this beautiful part of London. In the past I have followed several language courses abroad myself and for me these were unforgettable times. Therefore I have very good experiences with language stays and that is the reason why I enjoy being part of an organization that is providing these kind of services. Because I like sharing my experiences and encouraging people to do the same, I see it as a challenge to convince people that coming to Wimbledon is definitely the best way to learn English.
Sjors Helderman
Sales & Marketing Officer
I have recently joined the tremendous team at WSE as the Accounts Officer and I have found everyone within the school, both staff and students to be welcoming and friendly. This is my first time of working within a school environment, which whilst I have found is very different to my previous jobs, I am adapting to the change in environment. Having a great team, both behind you and working with you, is very helpful in understanding how the school system works and also assists with the knowledge required to fulfil my role within the school. Outside of the working day, I enjoy reading books and spending time with my family and friends.
Amanda King
Accounts Manager
I came to Wimbledon School of English as a student in 1982 and liked the atmosphere so much I stayed on as a part-time general assistant after taking my English exams. Then I was lucky enough to be offered full-time employment in the administration of the school, working on the introduction of computers into every aspect of the School's activities from courses to accommodation to leisure activities and developing the examination centre side of the business. I am here to ensure you have an enjoyable, profitable and smooth-running time at our friendly school.
Sandro Saviolo
Operations and Examination Centre Director
After teaching English in Madrid and Central London for a few years I was lucky to get a teaching position in a school in Wimbledon, I then settled in the local area. I have over 30 years experience in running language schools and I joined WSE earlier this year. I enjoy meeting new people and new adventures so my current position suits me very well. I organise the activity programme and arrange group programmes. I love living in South West London as it has its own character, many green spaces and I can get to Central London quickly by train. I enjoy travelling and recently I have visited many areas of the UK, Derbyshire and Cornwall being two of my favourites.
Julia Clarke
Partnerships,Groups and Activities Manager
I joined the WSE as the Accommodation Manager in 2015. I have been a host parent for a number of years and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting many interesting students. My background is varied, from Youth Work, Educational Support, Property letting and the NHS. My role here at WSE is to ensure all students enjoy their stay with their host family or the independence of one of the residence houses. In my spare time I swim, cycle and spend time with my children and grandchildren.
Julie Ransley
Accommodation Manager and DSL
Hello! My name is Dirk and I'm glad you want to learn a little more about me. I am originally from Brazil but have spent most of my adult life in the UK. I have started my career in aviation, having worked for a major American carrier. The experience ignited my passion for discovering and learning about new cultures, languages and people. I have been working for the EFL industry for over 15 years in a variety of roles. Building and developing sales relationships is my passion but education is in my core. I love observing the development of our students from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. I have even ventured into the (online) classroom in the past teaching cross-cultural skills as well as English classes after acquiring my CELTA certification. I feel honoured to work for WSE alongside our amazing team. It would be a great pleasure to welcome you here.
Dirk Figueiredo
Global Sales Manager
I started working at WSE in March 2010 after working at the Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. As the Registrar, I enrol students, confirm bookings, have daily contact with agents and all other administrative duties. I also work in the accommodation department each morning. I love working here because of the friendly students and staff. I spend my spare time looking after my two children and the students who stay with me. I've been a host family for quite a few years now and love welcoming people from all over the world.
Elaine Sinclair-Johnson
Registration Manager
Ciao! My name is Carlo, London raised me, but Sicily's in my blood. Flashback to 2022, I jump into WSE as a Juniors Activity Leader. Now, fast forward two years, I'm fully into Sales Exec mode, diving deep into the wonders of Italy and Latin America. Off the work clock, I'm all about football, the wild world of boxing, and the thrill of MMA. When I'm not hustling in the corporate scene, I'm probably cooking up some fun & engaging content on my social media.
Carlo Smitas
Sales Executive
After a few years working in France I joined WSE as a teacher in 1989. I used to love teaching grammar, and Cambridge Proficiency was my favourite course. In 1990 I became Director of Studies and really enjoyed working with our wonderful team of teachers. I then left and worked for another excellent organisation for a couple of years, but I missed Wimbledon School of English, its fantastic staff, its friendly atmosphere and its beautiful building & garden, and I was delighted when I was invited back as Principal in 1999. I became the Managing Director of WSE in 2017 and these days I spend a lot of my time on marketing, which means I travel all over the world. I am very proud of this school and everyone who works here and I really do believe we are one of the best schools in the UK.
Jane Dancaster
Managing Director


In 1987 I worked on a movie which was being filmed in Hungary and a Polish actress invited me to Warsaw to help coach her to act in English. I thought "I can do this!" So I did my teacher training in 1988 and have taught on and off since then. I love being in a room with people from all around the world, all working hard and, just as importantly, having fun together. While I lived (and taught) in Brighton for 30 years, I was born and grew up in Wimbledon, so I feel very 'at home' in WSE. I'm also a passionate supporter of AFC Wimbledon. COYD!
George Dillon
I taught in Australia for many years, then worked for a spell in Madrid before moving to London in 2007. I consider myself lucky to have landed on my feet at Wimbledon School of English, where I've taught ever since. It's a unique place to work; challenging, but with a unique sense of fun and camaraderie. I teach a wide range of courses from beginners to proficiency, as well as Cambridge exam preparation courses, and find all of them satisfying in their own way. I really enjoy the cultural mix in the classroom and helping people to make progress in our wonderful language!
Rob Julian
I have been teaching at WSE since the summer of 2019, shortly after finishing my Cambridge CELTA. During my time here, I have taught both General English and Exam classes. Teaching is enjoyable and rewarding because it gives me the chance to meet people from all over the world and learn from them. At the moment, I am doing my Cambridge DELTA. Although it can be very challenging at times, support from the school and colleagues has made it worthwhile and manageable. Everyone at the school is so friendly and approachable, which makes our students feel at home here at Wimbledon School of English.
Theingi Shaung
I've been teaching English since 2004. I have taught both General English and exam classes. Although I have worked in various language schools, in my opinion Wimbledon School of English uniquely combines great teaching with the most warm and friendly atmosphere. To relax, I'm a big fan of jazz and I enjoy painting.
Vittorio Pelosi
Hi, I am Susi, the Director of Studies. I have been working in the ELT industry since 2006, and have spent time working and living in Thailand, Australia, Bournemouth and London. Throughout this time I have had extensive experience as a teacher, a teacher-trainer, and as an academic manager. I am a qualified CELTA and CertTESOL trainer, and hold a Diploma in ELT Management from Trinity/English UK. I am highly customer-focused with a keen eye for detail, and extremely keen on professional development for both myself and my teams. I look forward to helping you achieve your language goals here at Wimbledon School of English!
Susi Wright
Director of Studies
I've been teaching English since 1997 and have been in language teaching management since 2004. I have taught and managed in schools in Japan, Italy and Vietnam. I came back to the UK permanently in 2010 and since October of that year I've been working for WSE. While I enjoyed my time living and working overseas, I have no plans to do so again for the foreseeable future and I am enjoying teaching and interacting with a wide range of students here at WSE. As well as in the classroom, you may see me in the academic office or leading a social programme excursion to Cambridge or to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club. I look forward to seeing you here in whatever capacity I meet you.
Duncan MacInnes
Academic Project Manager & Teacher
I have been working in English Language Teaching since 2002. Having had the chance to be a teacher, teacher trainer, content writer and editor, I must confess that nothing makes me feel happier than teaching. What I love most about teaching English is the invaluable opportunity to learn from the brilliant multicultural people I have the pleasure to call my students. I am delighted to be part of a school where language learning is taken seriously and I can see the academic team tirelessly working together to help students achieve their learning goals. WSE is definitely how I have always imagined a fantastic language school. I am interested in Discourse Analysis and I firmly believe we can use the languages we speak to be our best selves and promote peace in the world. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, reading biographies and watching films. I also love meditating and going for walks where I can get in touch with nature
Leandra Meddings
I have taught English for over ten years and really enjoy the sense of purpose I get from helping students reach their language goals. I have taught in several countries around the world which has been really rewarding as well as interesting. However, I chose to work at Wimbledon School in London because here I can teach classes with students from different language backgrounds and cultures, which is really enjoyable. In my free time, among other things, I like to cycle, go to the cinema and also watch football.
Luke Phillips
I began working in education in 2001, and until 2009 spent my time supporting teenagers with learning difficulties and behavioural problems to complete their courses. During my time in this role I started working with young people who were refugees, and this sparked my interest in English language teaching. I completed the CELTA qualification in 2009 and have been teaching in London since. I have taught a range of levels and I really enjoy encouraging genuine communication with students and finding out about their different life experiences. I find people fascinating! I qualified with Cambridge DELTA in Summer 2016 and began teaching at WSE in March 2017. It is rewarding to work in such a comfortable and welcoming environment with so many gifted teaching professionals.
Helen Merritt
Assistant Director of Studies & Teacher
I started teaching in 2005 and my first teaching job was in Japan. It was there that I fell in love with teaching. I worked in several cities in Japan and after that, I moved to the south of Italy and taught there. I came back to London in 2009 and got my Delta in 2011. In London, I've taught all levels and age groups. I've taught exam preparation, business English and specialist courses. I also spent some time working in Academic Management. I started at WSE in January 2020 and I'm so happy to be working at such an amazing school with a great team and fantastic students. In my free time, I love going to karaoke, spending time with family and friends and studying other languages.
Liz Agholor
My wife tipped me off about the school and how good it was, as she was a student here in 2000 from Korea. I came to work at the school in 2012 after eighteen months teaching in South Korea and I love working here! The students always put a smile on my face, and it's so nice to see so many different nationalities together all achieving the same goal. Furthermore, it's fascinating to see their communicative competence develop during their stay and to be a facilitator of this. As a teacher, the school has a great working atmosphere, with helpful colleagues and there's a strong focus on career development. Away from teaching, I also enjoy learning Korean, food, football, Leicester City FC and fishing!
Sean Hodson
I have been teaching since 2012, and have worked in Japan, Vietnam, and Colombia before returning to England in 2022. I have taught classes from beginners to proficiency, and primary to late teens, as wells as a variety of exam courses, and I love the challenges and rewards that teaching each age and level brings. I have been a teacher at Wimbledon School of English since 2022. I am delighted to be part of the fantastic teaching team here, and I have grown enormously in my time at the school. It's always a pleasure to meet students from such a wide range of different countries, and this has contributed to WSE being the best place that I have worked at in my career. This summer, I am incredibly excited to be working as Director of Studies for the summer school at the Lord Wandsworth College. We have a great team of teachers for the summer programme this year who I am very much looking forward to working with, and the students who will be joining us from around the world are going to have a fantastic experience learning English and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the school.
Will Haughton
After teaching at Wimbledon School of English since 1991, I still look forward to a day's teaching and leave feeling I've done something fulfilling. I've taught a whole range of courses from Beginners to Proficiency. One of my favourite courses is English and Culture which allows me a chance to indulge my interest in art and literature. I also keep fit playing tennis with the students once a week and have been known to appear on stage in funny costumes for our Christmas show! It's simply wonderful to work with a fantastic group of people and meet such lovely students from all over the world. Work here really is a pleasure.
Helen Galer
I originally trained as a Human Resources professional and worked in international organisations in various sectors. However, about 15 years ago I decided to retrain as a teacher of English - no regrets - I love teaching! I have been working for WSE since October 2021 and really enjoy the atmosphere in the school, the variety, different lesson types and great range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds - every day is different. I confess I particularly enjoy teaching the Business English classes but am happy to work with all the ranges of linguistic ability, to help students make progress and develop their communication skills. In my free time I enjoy singing, travelling, languages, gardening and sport.
Nicola Ryman
I've been at Wimbledon School of English since 2001, having spent a year teaching in Macedonia followed by a few years teaching and teacher-training at another London school. While here I have written numerous courses which I have found extremely stimulating, and in the past few years have taught many of the IELTS courses held in the school. I have recently been involved in the new Certificate in Teaching English for Business teacher training course. When I'm not busy writing new courses or teaching, I enjoy cycling. A few years ago I was mad enough to cycle from Land's End at the bottom of the UK to John O' Groats at the top!
Julian Oakley
Assistant Director of Studies & Teacher
I started teaching in Barcelona in 2000 and a year later came back to London and have been at WSE ever since. I teach all levels and many types of ESP as well, including Cambridge exam and IELTS courses. I am also involved in teacher development, leading teacher training workshops in schools in the UK, and have taken this role to China, Poland, and Kurdistan.
Mark Smith
Hi my name's Ren I started teaching English in Barcelona in 1990 and have also worked in France, Japan and the UK teaching general English, business English, exams and teacher training as well as doing examining for IELTS. I started working at WSE in July, 2022 and have enjoyed working with all the staff and students here since then. I enjoy teaching all types of classes and in my free time I enjoy world cinema and walking and enjoying the green areas of London.
Ren Caution
I have been teaching English for around 25 years, usually in this country but also in Hungary (in scenic Szolnok) and in Shanghai. I started working here in March and have been really impressed by the atmosphere in the school, the dedication of the teachers and shortness of my walk to work. Outside of the school I am a supporter of the local football team, AFC Wimbledon, and write film reviews that appear in a number of North London newspapers.
Michael Joyce

The London Exam Centre Staff

I started working for the Exams Centre very recently and I feel enthusiastic to learn more and build myself up to the best version I can be. I am quite determined person and work hard, but always have time to be physically and socially active, as our happiness and wellbeing is also important. I am a songwriter and a singer in a body of an educational worker. Art takes major part in my life. I love people as well as animals and It really makes me happy and proud when I make others happy too.
Maria Doneva
Exams Coordinator
Hi, I am Hasan and I come from Pakistan and been living in UK permanently since 2011. I have been a seasoned Exams Manager working with 7 further education colleges in London. I have known Wimbledon School of English since 2011 and always admired it for being a great place for learners and staff. I always enjoy meeting new people and supporting our students through correct and timely guidance. Working in Wimbledon school of English is a delight, and it gives me an opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds. It offers continuous improvement with its culture of learning and support.
Hasan Gulzar
Examinations Manager

English Study Camps

Hi, I am Emer, the Operations Executive. As a recent university graduate holding a degree in Business and Marketing Management, I was thrilled to have achieved an upper-second class honours, after studying in Oxford for three years. Throughout my time at university, my education equipped me with a strong foundation in management principles and marketing strategies. University was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone. I have lived in London my whole life and I love it, there is plenty to do and to see, so make sure you have enough time to cover the popular attractions, especially around Wimbledon! In my role, I handle recruitment for our summer programmes, administrative tasks, and organising group events, aligning with my passion for connecting with other people. Outside of work, I am training for a half-marathon - a challenging but rewarding endeavour. I am proud to be part of an award-winning institution, recently honoured with the Best Independant Business award in Merton. Excited to contribute to the WSE's ongoing success!
Emer Fontannaz
Operations Executive
I have been lucky enough to work with young people since graduating from university. I spent eight years as a PE Teacher and Head of Sport at an international boarding school and then moved into various school leadership and management positions in the UK, USA and Cyprus. I first joined WSE in the summer of 2016 and helped set up our inaugural Junior Summer School which was a huge success, I then returned in 2018 where I managed the Junior Summer Programme and where we opened our second centre for the 2019 summer. I have now returned for my third time having relocated abroad to the USA for a few years and then more recently working within the Higher Education sector managing admissions and student recruitment for a group of universities. Having worked in education, specifically international education, for over 20 years, I am passionate about welcoming young learners to the UK and seeing them enjoy their time here in the UK. Coming back to WSE and knowing the core values of the school and how this creates a fantastic atmosphere is something I thoroughly enjoy, and I look forward to growing our young learners programme and welcoming even more students from across the world. Away from work, I am an avid runner and when not at my desk you can find me running around the Oxfordshire countryside or taking my dog, Harter, for a walk.
Paul Greaves
Director of Young Learners