Online Teaching with Technology

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Minimum Age - 20


Hours/Week - 16:40


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 1 - 1


Course Level - Higher Intermediate (B2)

Course Fees

1 week

plus registration

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Course Information

 Start Dates:

25 January

21 June

26 July

06 September

06 December


In the last year, online teaching has gone from strength to strength and is now accepted as a major feature of English Language Teaching. At WSE we have several years’ experience in delivering live online classes, as well as in using a variety of educational technological tools, and on this course we share that expertise with you!

This course is suitable for experienced teachers who want to enhance their skills, or newly qualified teachers who want to maximise their employability by building on preliminary training. You will learn how to integrate technology into your everyday teaching, as well as how to deliver successful, effective and above all enjoyable and relevant online classes. You will examine the pedagogy of online teaching, classroom management, materials and systems. The course involves a combination of input on technological tools; discussion of why and how to use technology in different teaching contexts; practical hands-on sessions, where trainees try out the tools; observations of WSE teachers; and project work, where trainees create lessons for their teaching context using the technology and methodology covered in the course.

By the end of this course, you will have: