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What I Love About WSE: By Abdullah

Abdullah (3rd from the left), 25 from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, came to study with us for 5 months this year and it wasn't long before he became a popular and very well-liked student.

Just before he left, we had the opportunity to interview Abdullah about his experience at Wimbledon School of English and here is what he had to say:

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. I graduated as a civil engineer in January 2015. I came here to improve my English and I started with a General English course at intermediate level in January 2016. After a month I changed to an IELTS course, which is a fantastic course here in this school. My English has improved a lot since. I have even reached my goal of getting a 6 on my exam!

That’s great! Why did you need an IELTS course?

I need to pass an IELTS exam, because I would like to apply for master degree in Construction Management at the University of Birmingham. The university only accepts students who passed the exam with a 6 or higher. I was afraid that I would get a 5.5 and miss out on the opportunity. But the course was really good and I passed my exam. I even got an offer from the University of Birmingham, so my future looks very bright!

Well done, that's great! And when are you starting?

I am starting in July.

In July? So you only have a one month holiday and then you are off to university for your master degree? That is fantastic! What is the best memory you have of Wimbledon School of English, apart from getting the score you wanted for your IELTS exam?

All the students at the school are very friendly. The teachers are also really good, well qualified, and friendly. If I feel homesick I can speak to anybody in the school, even the manager!

Great! That’s the feeling we try to establish here at Wimbledon School of English. That is really good to hear. What will you miss most about Wimbledon School of English?

First, I would like to say thank you to all staff here, especially the accommodation office. They are really friendly and I really enjoyed my time with my host family. The price is very good when you look at the quality and size of the room.

That’s really good feedback, amazing! Have you made a lot of friends on the way? 

Yes, from all over the world. I will definitely stay in touch with them! And I will keep in touch with the school as well of course. I made great friends here!

Brilliant. Thank you very much and best wishes for the future!


(Abdullah on the right)





WSE Team