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Erasmus + Update & New Turing Scheme

7th January 2021

A statement from English UK:


The UK Government has confirmed that the UK will not continue to participate in the Erasmus+ programme. Any international students who secured Erasmus+ funding for UK-based programmes in 2020 will continue to receive funding until the end of their programme in 2021.


The Government has announced plans for a new Turing scheme, which will provide funding for around 35,000 students in UK universities, colleges and schools to go on placements and exchanges overseas from September 2021.

The plans currently include no reciprocal requirement for international counterparts to provide funding for inbound students, which means Erasmus+ funded teacher development schemes with UK ELT providers will not continue.


Previously the funding of inbound students through Erasmus+ contributed £440 million to the UK economy (2018), with over twice as many EU students coming to the UK compared with funded UK students studying in the EU.


English UK is lobbying the Government to negotiate with its overseas counterparts and support UK ELT to win back this lost business, enabling EU students and teachers to continue to benefit from the UK's international education offer.

Turing Scheme


Erasmus + EU funding will no longer be available to students coming to the UK from 2021. For UK students, it will be replaced by a new scheme called the Turing scheme.

If you successfully applied for Erasmus funding in 2020 and didn't participate in a course, you may be able to use that to fund your course this year. Please check with your sending organisation responsible for organising your placement to check your eligibility.

Erasmus+ funding is available to EU students wishing to study on a teacher training course as part of their continued professional development. In some circumstances, funding may also be used to support ‘closed groups’ sent by institutions. Please note that Switzerland no longer fully participates in Erasmus+. 

If you are granted funding through your school, college, university or organisation, we have the following Teacher Training courses available:

We also offer General English with One-to-One lessons (focussed on teacher training) - available on demand.


Please note there is a selection process for being eligible to receive the funding.  

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