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Sanna - Our Resident Fashion Designer

You may have seen Sanna, our Services Coordinator, around the school.  She's not only a helpful, efficient part of the WSE family, she's also a very creative Fashion Designer and now has her own studio here in London. 

Here she tells us all about her work, the grand opening of her studio and how you can see her designs.

WSE:  Could you tell me something about yourself and your work at Wimbledon School of English?

Sanna:  I come from Finland and have been in the UK now for one-and-a-half years. You’ll normally find me behind the snack bar during break and lunch times. I’m here to make sure students are happy and that there’s always fresh coffee and pastries! 

WSE:  And what do you do outside of work?

Sanna:  I like to see exhibitions which are going on in and around London. The Tate Modern and Victoria and Albert Museums are very good, and other small museums as well.  There are always interesting things happening in London.

WSE:  You’ve recently moved to a new work studio. Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

Sanna:  I recently found a new work studio at Make Space Studios. It’s part of a big building with lots of small studios for different artists. I’m a Designer and I design clothes. I graduated in 2007 as a textile and Fashion Designer and after that I pursued my dream and started my own business.


WSE:  Where did you start your business?

Sanna:  I started in Finland. I have my own collection and it's mainly

 for women but I’ve done some designing for men as well. I’ve done theatre costumes in Finland for dancing musicals also. I design for private customers now. In addition to that, I have a range which I sell online.

WSE:  We've had a look at your website and it looks really good!

Sanna:  Thank you! I make all the fabrics myself. I use leftover material from the textile industry. And that‘s why you can see the fabrics are really 3-dimensional. I use a lot of small pieces of fabric and create a new piece. That is my speciality.


WSE:  Wow Sanna, how long does that take to make?

Sanna:  It depends on a lot of things. The longest time i've worked on a dress was two weeks. But that was really detailed so a lot of work was involved.

WSE:  Is your studio open now?

It'll be open for everyone on 5th November. I'll start working on my new collection which is available next spring.  In my work studio i'm also planning on holding workshops for students. Maybe some drawing lessons as well!! I'm really looking forward to everything, it's so exciting!

WSE:  What makes you different from other designers?

Sanna:   My technique is very unique and I create my own fabrics. All the designs are custom made. I don’t use any new materials at all so all my dresses and interior designs are 100% eco-friendly.


WSE:  Where is your studio?  We want to come and visit!

Sanna:  The address is 180 Lambeth Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7JY.  It’s open from 11am to 6pm, please come on down, you can browse and see my work and maybe buy a few things, haha!

WSE:  Thank you very much.

Sanna:  Thank you!


Check out Sanna's website -

You can also follow her on Twitter at Sannarinne, or if you'd like Sanna to custom make  you something special, you can contact her by email directly -


Thanks Sanna!


WSE Team