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Student Testimonial - Lin from China

We had the very lovely and charming Lin all the way from China, study with us for 6 months this year and we're so pleased with her glowing review of us!  

This is what she had to say:

I spent 6 months at Wimbledon school of English and I have a lot of good memories. Teachers and classmates were very friendly. Teachers very knowledgeable and had a very good sense of humor. They always were happy to help us - correct our grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Every day we had different kinds of topics to practice in speaking, reading and listening. You can never be fed up. The English materials were the most recent and popular, for example news or social issues which really helped build my English vocabulary with authentic words. Multimedia programs in WSE were also helpful, I always got lots of English practice exercise from the school website in order to do my exam preparation.

No matter where you are (in the classroom, common room or in the garden) teachers were always encouraging us to speak in English. Although everyone had a different background we could still find things in common. We enjoyed sharing our culture and experiences in English with each other. The most important thing was that not only did we learn English but also we learned the whole world in WSE. Meanwhile we have continuously enhanced our communication skills.

There were many exciting activities in school as well. I really enjoyed my tennis class very much. Can you believe it's free!!! I have to mention that the location of WSE is really good! It took  me less than 30 minutes to get to central London, but Wimbledon itself is a very quiet and safe area to live.

Lunch time was a little bit short but there are some supermarkets and homemade sandwich stores close to the school. Sainsburys supermarket is only 3 minutes walk from school and we can grab anything we like there.  It was really convenient to heat up meals inside school and enjoy them with other classmates together.

I stayed with a host family. At first I didn't expect a lot because I was a little bit shy and afraid that I couldn't express myself properly in English, so I chose to keep quiet. My landlady was an amazing woman with lots of life experiences and an international mind. I really appreciated her a lot. She was very kind and gave me a lot of useful advice on understanding British culture in the UK and also helped me build up my confidence. Sometimes I helped her do some gardening work. It was very pleasant to spend time with her and learn things from her. I feel lucky that I could always get some helpful thoughts from her. 

It's the best experience I have ever had in my life! In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who had given me help in my English studies and life in the UK. I am sure this experience can be beneficial to my future life.  All the best to all of you and WSE!

Thank you Lin for your very kind words and for choosing WSE.  We will miss you lots! <3

WSE Team