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Humans of Wimbledon School of English by Irene

Our forth instalment of Humans of Wimbledon School of English is written by Irene from Spain.

When I was very little I dreamed of being a famous singer. I loved the idea of standing on stage doing a performance in front of the public. I love these sensations of nerves while at the same time you could feel the adrenaline.

I grew up and I changed my idea, I wanted to be a teacher, I used to fall asleep dreaming about the idea of being the director of a school and having a lot of papers and pens with me.

Few years after I realised that I wanted to have my own shop. I wanted to create my own brand and sell my own products.

I got older and I decided I wanted to be like my father - a lawyer. So, I started to imagine me studying law. That was my answer to: What do you want to be when you’re older? – I want to be a lawyer, like my daddy- I used to say.

Later, I got interested in business and I faced a dilemma with myself.

The moment arrived when I had to choose which career to pursue, and I had serious doubts between law and business.

Finally I made my decision, I wanted to study law, not to betray my first thoughts, I just felt I was doing the right thing.

Now, I have finished my law degree and I still doubt what I should have chosen. If you ask me now what my dreams are; I would probably say that I have an interest in starting my own business, but something special, something that I could enjoy myself working on. But, I also want to start practicing law. I just want to try how good I could be as a lawyer.


WSE Team