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Teachers' Refresher Testimonial

Dolores from Argentina joined a Teachers' Refresher course this month. She sent such a lovely testimonial and we just had to share with you! 

WSE is a school where you not only learn the English language, but also the culture of the United Kingdom and those of the students who attend the school. The classes are developed in very comfortable classrooms that have the most advanced technology.

The teaching staff is excellent and super attentive, as is the administrative staff. I attended the Teachers’ Refresher Course and Vittorio and Anabelle were remarkable teachers that were always eager to share with us their knowledge and experience. I want to thank them for always being kind and supportive.

In general, the host families are friendly and courteous. I want to highlight my host family, Julie and John, who made me feel part of their family. It was a blessing to arrive home every day and find them always smiling and friendly willing to talk with their guests. They are an exemplary couple. 

If I had the opportunity to go back to England, WSE and the same family would be, without a doubt, the ones that would be in my choice.


Student with leaving certificate

We certainly hope you will come back, Dolores! 

WSE Team