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Watching Football in Wimbledon: A Unique Experience

We love hearing about our students' experiences studying English in Wimbledon! Charlotte's Proficiency level class have written a series of blogs about their favourite things about studying English in London. In this series, students will write about watching the 2018 World Cup in Wimbledon, going to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and what to expect when eating typical British meals! Our first student, Carina, has written about where to watch the World Cup in London.

If you are a football fan, it is a must to watch an English match during your stay. But even if you are not fanatical about football, like me, you will love being surrounded by so many football lovers who can fill a pub up with an amazing atmosphere.

Where to watch a football match

Of course it can be fun to watch an English football match just with your friends or your host family, but what really makes it special are the English fans. In every country you will find fanatics, however, here in England almost the whole country seems to be mad about football. So believe me, it will be an unforgettable experience for you to go to a pub and celebrate England winning with English fans. When you stay in England during the World cup or European championship you also have the possibility to enjoy the public viewing in Hyde Park.


What you have to keep in mind when going to a Pub to watch a football match

First of all, don’t wear your nicest clothes, especially no white dresses because what you have to expect are multiple beer showers. Secondly, it will get very noisy. English fans don’t just shout when there is a goal, they shout all the time. They shout if the English footballers win the ball back, they shout when the ball approaches the opposite goal, they shout when the rival loses the ball and of course they shout the loudest when they score. So it isn’t a bad idea to bring some earplugs with you.


It’s coming home, football’s coming home

If you don’t want to get caught out as a non-English-fan, you have to learn the lyrics of “Three lions”. You will hear this song everywhere and always, so it definitively will help you to integrate yourself in the English fan community.

Sports offered at Wimbledon School of English

If you like playing football rather than watching it, Wimbledon School of English offers you the chance to play football once a week with other students at the school. And even for non-football lovers there are plenty of other sports attractions that you can join, like playing volleyball, squash or you even have the possibility to take salsa classes. And even if you don’t like sports, there are many other things to do in London as going to the theatre or taking part in excursions to other nice cities like Oxford or Bath. So don’t worry, your time here in England will fly by and what you will get is an unforgettable experience!

Carina, from Switzerland, fell in love with watching football in Wimbledon.

WSE Team