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Humans of Wimbledon School of English by Fernando

It all began when I was tired of everything. It was really hard to hide this important part of me and pretend that I’m a different person. For a long time, I was a big fan of one famous guy and we chatted a lot. He was actually the first person whom I revealed my sexual orientation to. But he didn’t support me and it made me so upset that I didn’t want to come out anymore. However, I was tired of hiding. One day, I was at my best friend’s house. We had a good time together and decided to go to the roof. The weather was so nice, the sun was setting down and there was a beautiful sky, I was so inspired that I decided to tell my friend everything. I typed what I wanted to say on her phone, because I was so nervous that I couldn’t talk. She accepted me, gave me so much love and support and we cried together, because we were really happy. 10 days after I came out to my mom and when I told her that I was gay the whole world stopped for a second at that moment. She literally couldn’t say a word for some time, but when the shock passed she started crying and hugged me. First time she was asking me stupid questions like “Why are you gay?” and everything like that, even called a psychologist to check out if I am really gay. After the psychologist tested me, my mom told everything to my dad and he was also okay with that. They really surprised me, because I thought that they are homophobic and I was genuinely scared of their negative reaction, especially of my father’s reaction. But they were okay with me and supported me very much, so I was truly happy. Lately, my mom told my grandma about me and even though she didn’t have positive attitude for gay people she changed her mind after some time. Also, all of my friends and classmates found out that I was gay, because our town is really small and news spread very fast, but they were okay with me too. So, my life completely changed and I feel like I’ve never lived before I came out. Now I’ve got my whole life ahead of me and I’m really excited about it. I hope that my coming out story will inspire other people to do the same.

Thank you Fernando for sharing your story with us.

WSE Team