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Wimbledon School of English is the best value language school in London for 2020

We are delighted to announce that WSE has been named, once again, as London's best value English language school for 2020 by EL gazette!


How do they calculate if a London language school is good value for money?

According to to EL Gazette, it's easy! "Calculating the best value for money should be pretty simple: divide the cost of the product you are buying by it's quality". Wimbledon School of English has been ranked as the number 1 language school in the UK since 2014, so we are top of the pile for quality.


"Higher quality doesn't always mean higher price"

Our standard English courses have 24 lessons, or 20 hours per week. Many London langauge schools may only offer 15 hours of lessons per week for their standard courses. When you divide the price by the amount of course hours each week, WSE are actually cheaper per hour than a lot of English schools. From the article 'Best bargains in London', Melanie Butler explains: "Wimbledon School of English, one of only seven UK centres to achieve a perfect score from the British Council, costs below the London average at around £17.50 an hour."



English course


What makes WSE a good value school?

We also have extra learning opportunities outside of scheduled lessons, at no extra cost. Students have access to our e-learning platform “e-Wimbledon” for 3 months before and after their course finishes. Students also have access to daily guided self-study sessions, in our study centre from 1:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday. Our study centre manager will be there to help students with any extra work they want to do. This is all included in the tuition fee.



To read the full EL Gazette articles on pages 15 & 16, click here