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How to improve your English without travelling

Are you unable to travel but keen to improve your English? 


Are you stuck at home with time on your hands? Or are you at school in the UK and can’t go home over the Easter holidays because of travel restrictions? Then why not use your time productively and improve your English?


We have 3 new courses that may be perfect for you. 2 new online courses, and 1 new English course here in Wimbledon School of English, London.


-       Online General English Course

-       Young Leaders Easter Online Course

-       Young Leaders Easter Course in WSE


Adults (16+) can now follow our General English course online and learn from our outstanding teachers without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. If you’re aged 14-17 and stranded in the UK looking for something to do over the Easter holidays, then our Young Leaders English Course here in our main school in Wimbledon will be for you – we can even find you a lovely accommodation here in Wimbledon. And if you’re 14-18 years old, at home with nowhere to go, you can follow our Young Leaders online English Course!


How do I register for Live Online English courses? How do Online English courses work?


You can easily apply and pay online, or you can fill out an application form and email it back to us and one of our friendly team with help you through the process.


When you register, we send you a link to join your online learning class through Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing platform, and it is free to download. We provide all the materials, so you don’t have to worry about buying English coursebooks. And it’s as simple as that - you will have live online learning, face-to-face with one of our brilliant and experienced English teachers, and all without having to leave your home.


What do I need to join the English e-learning class?


 student learning English on computer


You just need a computer or a large tablet with a webcam, and an internet connection of 10 Mbps or more. If you’re in a busy place, you might also want some headphones so you can hear us clearly.


Which English Courses can I study online?


Anybody over 16 years old will be able to join our online General English course at either an intermediate level (B1) or Advanced (B2/C1). Our courses start every Monday so you can choose the dates that are best for you. We offer classes at different times, either 10 or 20 hours a week, to suit your needs. See below for more information on times and costs etc.


What will I learn on the Young Leaders course?


In a fast-changing world, the leaders of tomorrow will need to be able to use language in new ways; to adapt to different situations and deal with complex problems. For this reason, we have designed our Young Leaders course for ambitious students aged 14 and over with a higher-intermediate level of English and above.


We have built our Young Leaders English course around various core competencies and the type of practical English that young people will need to flourish in the 21st Century.


These include:


  • Problem Solving

By helping you to recognise potential problems and understand why they might happen, we enable you to deal with real-world problems in a calm and collected manner.


  • Communication

As the world grows ever smaller, it’s vital that young people know how to talk to a wide range of people. English is language of travel, and of the business world. You will need to get your point across and be understood. We will help you understand how to alter the way you speak to all individuals.


  • Teamwork

No person is an island, and modern work is more collaborative than ever. To effect change, the leaders of tomorrow need to know how to thrive as part of a team. 


  • Resilience

In a crowded and polluted world, we all have to look after our own wellbeing and that of those around us. We teach resilience to help you recognise your own mind traps and triggers while being mindful of how they impact others.


  • Confidence

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses – by building strengths and recognising weaknesses, you can grow into more rounded and confident adults.


  • Organisation

Successful individuals in the 21st Century have to juggle a range of multi-disciplinary tasks. We will teach you how to organise your own work and lives to get the best results you can.


  • Initiative

Modern employers are not looking for sheep – they want people who will be able to 'work off their own bat' and to take a pro-active role in the workplace and beyond.


  • Creativity

'Blue-sky thinkers' are key to any successful enterprise. Teaching creativity helps you to ‘think outside the box’ and channel your inner artist to develop original ideas.


student studying at desk by computer holding pen


Is the Young Leaders English Course purely classroom-based?


No. If you join us in Wimbledon for the Young Leaders English course over Easter, you’ll be studying for four mornings a week, and you’ll get to explore different parts of London every afternoon under the supervision of one of our teachers.


Can I follow the Young Leaders English course if I can’t leave home?


Yes. We’re also offering this English course online for young learners aged 14-18. This gives you the chance to learn from wherever you are in the world. And while you won’t be able to join us on excursions, you will get a choice of lesson times to suit your time zone and schedule.


How much do these English courses cost? What is included?


For General English Online, you get either 10 or 20 lessons per week. Each lesson is 50 minutes.


For Young Leaders Online, you have 8 lessons of 50 minutes per week, either





To boost your learning even more, you can add an extra ten lessons (eight for Young Leaders) from 11:15-12:55* every day.


The Young Leaders Course at Wimbledon School of English runs from 09:15-12:55 every day for two weeks around the Easter weekend.


*All times are given in UK time – GMT/UTC until 27th March, BST (GMT+1) from 30th March onwards.


Can I start at any time?


For online General English, you can start any Monday.


The Young Leaders course (both at our school in Wimbledon or online) runs from Monday 6th to Thursday 9th April and from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th April (eight days over two weeks).


What else does the online English course include?


Every week includes 120 minutes of self-guided online study and unlimited use of our e-wimbledon online learning platform for 3 months after your course finishes. We can also help you to formulate a personal study plan, and in the end you’ll get a progress report and a certificate to show you’ve been studying at the best language school in Britain.


How much do these courses cost?


For General English online, you will pay £80/week for 10 lessons or £160/week for 20 lessons.


The online Young Leaders course (for 14-18 year-olds with a B2 level of English or higher) costs £64 per week for 8 lessons or £128/week for 16 lessons


Both online courses have a once-off registration fee of £30


To study the Young Leaders course in Wimbledon, you will have to be 14-17 years old, with a B2 level of English or higher.


The entire two-week course costs £900, including all afternoon activities, and we charge a £55 registration fee. We can organise host family half-board accommodation for £455, although other types of homestay options are available too.



Wimbledon School of English has been recently named as The UK’s Number One language school for 2020 (according to EL Gazette magazine, based on our British Council inspection results).


If one of these courses sounds rights for you, get in touch!


We hope to welcome you to Wimbledon School of English, either digitally or in person, very soon!

WSE Team