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WSE - Number One English Language School in the UK

Choosing a language school can be very difficult. There are so many schools in the UK offering a wide range of courses so it can be hard to distinguish one school from the other. 

The EL Gazette have made things easier by compiling a list of the Top UK Centres of Excellence. This is a ranking system based on British Council Inspection results and Wimbledon School of English is the top ranked school. We have held this position since April 2014 and it is something we are very proud of. 

The British Council inspections are incredibly thorough and the current format looks at 15 different areas. If a school satisfies the requirements, they are successfully accredited. However, when a school exceeds expectations, they are awarded a strength in that area. Wimbledon School of English is the only school in the UK to have received strengths in all 15 areas, proving that we offer the highest quality in all areas. 

Below is an article from EL Gazette, published September 2014


You can download the PDF here