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Top 10 apps for life in London

10 must-have apps for English language students living in London

As much as we don’t like to admit it, lots of us would find it hard to live without our smartphones.  They’re like an extra limb for some of us and we take them everywhere we go.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite apps to help you get the most out of your time in London. 


1. Citymapper

London is big. REALLY BIG! And if you’re not used to the public transport system, it can be confusing. Citymapper is the best transport app for London. With live tube, train and bus times, you’ll know exactly when to leave and how long it’s going to take. 


2. The Word of the Day

There are lots of language learning apps out there but they’re quite expensive and not always that useful. We love The Word of the Day because no matter what your level of English, you can always learn something new.


3. Geo Street Art

London has some of the best art museums in the world but what is often overlooked is the vibrant street art and graffiti all over our city. If it’s a nice day and you don’t want to be couped up in a museum with loads of tourists, why not try a DIY street art tour?


4. BBC News

It’s important to know what’s going on in the world and if you read the news in English, you’ll improve your language skills more quickly. We recommend the BBC because they offer impartial news with no slant or political agendas.


5. XE

£8.99 plus £4.50 plus £19.99, so how much is that in my currency? Don’t spend ages trying to calculate the exchange rate, let XE do it for you. With up to date exchange rates, you won’t have to spend ages deciding whether or not a purchase is worth it.


6. English Heritage Days Out

One of the best things about the UK is our history and culture. We have over 400 historical sites to visit and the English Heritage Days Out app will show you what there is in your area and also what to visit if you’re going to another city for the weekend.


7. Timeout

Don’t worry if you miss the magazine on a Tuesday morning, now you have everything on your smartphone. There is always something going on in London but it’s such a big city, how can we possibly know what’s happening today? Timeout does all the hard work for you.


8. Voicemap: Audio Walking Tours

If you prefer to discover London at your own pace and don’t fancy being part of a big group then you have to download this app. They’ve got London covered and they’ll help you discover things that you wouldn’t always find on your own.


9. National Trust

If you want to get out of London for the day and you're not sure where to go, ask National Trust. Whether you want to go for a walk in the country or take shelter on a rainy day, there are some truly spectacular days out on offer. 


10. Instagram

You’re in London, which is one of the most amazing cities in the world! Show your friends and family back home what you’re doing through beautifully filtered 1080px by 1080px pictures. Don’t forget to follow us and share your photos at Wimbledon School of English using #mywse 



Are there other apps you can't live without in London? Or apps that have helped you discover something you wouldn't have found on your own? 

Share your tips with us in the comments section below. 


WSE Team