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Why Wimbledon School of English by Sofía from Argentina

"Why Wimbledon School of English?


I found out about WSE by means of an agency in Argentina and I could not be happier with my decision. I spent the coldest month of the year here but I could not have felt a warmer ambience with such warm people.

In terms of education, the teachers are well trained to make every moment in class positive, productive and also fun. Of course there is homework, as in every school, but I do not regret spending time in the afternoons doing homework as it filled me with energy for learning and it was a way of learning more independently.

The facilities in the school are also something I must highlight. Everything, including WI-FI, a study room, a coffee machine, a bar and a beautiful garden to spend time in, helped me feel at home.

Not like in any school, Wimbledon School of English also has a social program in order for students to get to know places in London and to meet other students in different places. There are sport activities, tours through the most interesting places in London, nights out for over-aged students and more. I had the opportunity to take part in a theatre excursion to see Russian Ballet performing “Swan Lake” for an excellent price as the school gets discounts.

Definitely I had the time of my life, experienced a lot of new things and learned a lot so I am looking forward to go back to my place in the world as soon as I have the opportunity.


Sofía's trip to the UK was organised by Gabriela Ardito at Viajes Culturales a Europa, who has been bringing groups to Wimbledon School of English for over 20 years. If you would like more information about these programmes, visit: or  

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