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A Love Story That Goes Back Over 30 Years

This post takes us back over 30 years!

It was 1985 and Wimbledon School of English looked a bit like this…

It’s a love story of two students who are still together today.

Naoko from Japan came to study at Wimbledon School of English because her father was living and working in the UK. During her year in London, she met Ferry from Switzerland and it was a classic case of girl meets boy!

30 years later, the couple lives permanently in Switzerland and they have two beautiful daughters, one of whom is living here in London. On their recent visit to see their daughter, they decided to come back to Wimbledon School of English.

Both Naoko and Ferry commented that the school is much bigger than it used to be! If you compare the photo above with a modern day picture of the school you’ll see how much it has changed.

We were also pleased to hear that the couple were still in touch with some of the friends they met while studying at WSE and it goes to show that these kinds of friendships last forever.

Thank you Ferry and Naoko for coming back to say hello, your story made us all smile. We hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and were able to visit some of your favourite places in Wimbledon.


We love hearing from former students, especially with stories like these. If you want to share your own WSE love story, get in touch! 

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