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Giulia's Diary - My Last Week at WSE

Giulia first came to study with us in 2015 and what's brilliant for us is that she decided to return this year! 

Here she shares with us her diary of her final week at WSE! 


Monday 25th July

Today I'm really sad because in a few days I will leave England and all my new friends, classmates, teacher and host family Cry  

This afternoon, we went on a school trip to the big aquarium in Brighton called SEA LIFE.  My friend and I went into a big tunnel with the biggest variety of fish swimming around was amazing!! 

Yeahh!! Brighton...Sea Life! :)

Tuesday 26th July

At school today, we talked about inventions and innovations with my classmates.  I really enjoyed hearing other people's ideas!

And this evening, we went on a night bus tour around London Laughing  We saw the centre of London, the shops, Piccadilly Circus, I think we saw almost everything, it really was great!

Time for a nice cold Mr Whippy ice cream in London



Wednesday 27th July


Today we went to the British Museum.  There were lots of great things about this place and of course tons of history, we loved it Cool  It was actually a very busy day today and after school we went to the school's Salsa evening - they have lessons every week and I've been looking forward to doing it.  We had so much fun.

Me and my friends having lunch in the WSE garden

Tonight we went to a disco near the museum and me and my friends spent some time relaxing and enjoying our last few days Smile

Thursday 28th July

At school today I met so many new people.  We had students in from South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Serbia.  It was so special to meet these new people and to be able to speak with them Kiss

A snack that my new Chinese friend gave to me :)

My highlight of today though was my trip to Wimbledon park after school finished.  We played volleyball and foodball until 7pm and then I went home to have a nice dinner with my host family - yummy!


Friday 28th July

I leave tomorrow so I feel very sad.  I don't like knowing that I have to say goodbye to everybody in the school, my classmates and all my friends Frown  But at the same time, I'm so happy and grateful knowing that I've been on such a wonderful study-holiday <3 <3 

Me with my teacher and my classmates!  Me and my buddy Enrica - we met each other here last year and have stayed friends!


Bye Giulia!  Stay in touch and come back to see us at WSE again soon xx



WSE Team