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Student Testimonial - Felix from Argentina

Felix from Argentina spent two weeks studying with us back in 2015.  This is how he describes his time here at Wimbledon School of English: 

My name is Felix. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been studying at Wimbledon School of English for two weeks.  What I liked of this extraordinary school is that  I was treated like a V.I.P student because WSE's staff were williing to help me at any time, plus they were so friendly! I could notice how proud they felt working there.

I enjoyed very much attending General English lessons that when I came back to my own school, I missed the time I spent with my WSE classmates and the teachers who were always bringing new ideas to keep us motivated. Charlotte and Andrew were the best teachers I have ever had. Both of them did their best  to help me improve my English skills.

Regarding the students, WSE was like a cosmopolitan city. I was surprised that so many people had the same objective in mind (to improve their English) from all around the world were united in the same place. That is awesome!

To sum up, I would like to say that it was one of the most interesting things I did in 2015. As I mentioned above, I only spent two weeks there but I felt I had been  there since I was born.

I wish WSE all the best and I hope to go back soon!


Thank you for your kind words Felix and we wish you the very best of luck in your future!

WSE Team