Online Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, we answer your most frequently asked questions about our WSE Live! Online courses.

What are the technical requirements for the online courses? keyboard_arrow_down
What do I do when I need technical assistance pre-course? keyboard_arrow_down
How do these online courses/lessons work? keyboard_arrow_down
How do I get access to the lesson/class materials? keyboard_arrow_down
Will I need a book for the online course? keyboard_arrow_down
How will I be graded? keyboard_arrow_down
Will I receive a certificate after I have completed a course? keyboard_arrow_down
What if I can not start the class on the date that the class is scheduled? keyboard_arrow_down
What if I am not available on the day I have a class? keyboard_arrow_down
How many classes can I take? keyboard_arrow_down
How do I register? keyboard_arrow_down
What happens next after I have registered for a class? keyboard_arrow_down
When do I have to pay for the online course/classes? keyboard_arrow_down
What are the accepted payment methods that I can use? keyboard_arrow_down
How to make an international payment with Flywire: keyboard_arrow_down
What will happen if I cancel my course(s)? keyboard_arrow_down
What is the price of an online course? keyboard_arrow_down
Can I participate in a free lesson to see what the classes are like? keyboard_arrow_down
Will I receive a student ID number? keyboard_arrow_down