Online IELTS Preparation Part-Time

evening course

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 16


Hours/Week - 03:20


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 2 - 50


Course Level - Higher Intermediate (B2)

Course Fees

2 - 3 weeks
£38 per week

plus registration & materials

4 weeks

plus registration & materials

5 weeks +
£35 per week

plus registration & materials

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Course Information

 Start on the first Tuesday of any month

 4 lessons per week

Tuesday & Thursday 17.30-19.20 GMT (includes a 15-minute break)


This Part-Time Online IELTS Preparation evening course is perfect for students who wish to be prepared for the IELTS Academic examinations in their spare time. It also gives fantastic guidance on academic study techniques for use at an English speaking university, meaning that the students can totally prepare themselves for studying in an English university.

These live face to face online IELTS preparation classes use Zoom technology, which enables live whole-class interactive teaching and e-learning, including working in pairs and groups – just like being in an actual classroom.

You will:

Fees & Materials 2022


£38 per week

£140 for 4 weeks (£35 per week)

5 weeks + (£35 per week)



1 - 20 weeks - £40


Registration Fee:

Registration: £30.00*

*no registration fee if you are an ex-WSE student!

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