English & Maths Learning Centre

for children in Wimbledon

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 6 - 16


Hours/Week - 1 to 2


Maximum Class Size - average group size 8


Course Length (weeks) - 4 - 20


Course Level - Key stages 1-4 (GCSE)

Help your child be the best they can be!

English Maths Tutoring Wimbledon Starts Tuesday 7th September 2021

Extra English Tutoring Wimbledon Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 16:00 - 18:00

After school Maths Tutoring for children in Wimbledon Book 4 to 20 weeks - Start any week

 Wimbledon School of English, in association with First Class Learning Wimbledon, is delighted to offer a designated English & maths learning centre for children.

  WSE, the number one English language school in the UK, has teamed up with First Class Learning, one of the UK’s leading private tuition providers, to provide professional, effective & accessible maths & English tutoring for primary & secondary school children (up to GCSE level).

  We are both passionate about education and together we aim to help each student reach their full potential. Enjoy some peace of mind and let us help your child get back on track and achieve their learning goals.

English Maths Tuition for Kids Wimbledon

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Why WSE?

Learning Centre for Children in Wimbledon With over 55 years’ experience you can trust us to deliver results

Maths lessons for kids after school Your child will benefit from learning with a serious and academic institution

 Our professional & dedicated tutors use a student-centred approach to ensure your child is fully engaged in learning

English lessons for kids after school London Our personal service means we are always here to help and advise

Maths and English Lessons for kids London Our central Wimbledon location, near public transport, ensures easy access to classes

Wimbledon Maths Tutoring Our beautiful building with a large garden provides a great learning environment for your child

Course Fees

4 weeks
£150 English & Maths

2 hours per week

4 weeks
£100 English OR Maths

1 hour per week

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Our unique skills assessments enable us to create tuition programmes tailored to each child's needs.



Your frequently asked questions about our English and Maths Learning Centre in Wimbledon

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Why the First Class Learning method?

English Maths tutors wimbledon Over 15 years of helping children develop their confidence and achieve academic success

Maths English homework lessons The personalised learning programme, combining regular class sessions and take-home worksheets, helps your child develop a good learning habits and learn something new every day

English Maths homework club for kids The programme is focussed on the National Curriculum so designed to support your child’s journey through school

English club for kids The unique skills assessment ensures your child is using the best learning materials for their development and gives you an insight into their progress

Maths clubs for kids Our flexible and fun smart tuition materials ensure students make good progress and enjoy learning

About First Class Learning

Maths & English Tuition Wimbledon

First Class Learning is a structured worksheet based programme which helps to boost children’s confidence and fill any gaps in their knowledge, ensuring skills are built up to a high standard.

The First Class Learning maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school curriculum.

The English programme concentrates on reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and handwriting. The initial diagnostic testing assesses the child's needs so that we can provide an individualised programme.


English Maths for kids Wimbledon Planned and scheduled work

Our tuition programmes work for the whole family - fun and focused for the student, stress free for parents.

English Maths for kids London Learn something every day

Our unique approach to learning includes bite-size daily homework which gives each student time to practise.

English Maths tutoring for children Wimbledon Measured improvement

While your child's school will see improvement, we monitor progress to build student and parental confidence.

Maths for kids Wimbledon Holistic student focus

As well as improving their maths and English, we also develop wider learning skills ready for life after school.

English for kids Wimbledon Unique Skills Assessments

Our unique skills assessments enable us to create tuition programmes tailored to each child's needs. We identify gaps or learning blocks, which once solved enable each student to reach their potential. We also highlight strengths, and can help students excel and achieve even higher grades. Parents love the insight these give about their child's progress, and the reassurance that they have found the right help and support.

English After School Club Wimbledon Designed in the UK around the National Curriculum

Unlike many other after-school tuition centres, our programmes have been designed to align with the National Curriculum, so you can be confident your child's work is relevant to their studies and their learning needs. This means that our approach works well alongside school learning and avoids any confusion. Our subject learning pathways create the structure and flexibility to adapt to your child's needs.

Maths After School Club Wimbledon Pen and Paper is the best way to learn

Research shows physically writing things down, using ‘pen and paper’, is an important part of the cognitive process of learning and improves information retention. This makes our print-based approach more effective than online programmes. Reducing ‘screen time’ is something that delights most parents! Plus examinations are still paper based which is another good reason to keep these skills sharp.

Extra English Lessons Wimbledon Smart tuition materials

Our smart materials are the foundation of our tuition programme. They break down complex subjects into step-by-step learning helping students understand things that have puzzled them to date. They are flexible and can adapt to different learning styles while being delivered at the right