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Minimum Age - 20


Hours/Week - 20


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 2 -


Course Level - B1

Course Fees

2 weeks

plus reg & materials



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Course Information

Cambridge TKT Course London Start Dates 2022:

01 August

Hybrid Teacher Training Online Course Also offered as Hybrid delivery*


This Teachers' English language course prepares you for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test – the test from the University of Cambridge designed especially for teachers of English, to speakers of other languages.


Cambridge Exam Course London Module one: Language and background to teaching and learning

Cambridge Preparation London Module two: Lesson planning and resources for the language teacher

Cambridge Examinations London Module three: Managing the teaching and learning process


Cambridge Exam Preparation in London Taking the exam

You can choose to take a written examination, the Cambridge TKT, at the end of the course. You will also be asked to keep a portfolio during your course but this does not form part of your assessment. You need to have at least a good intermediate level of English to take this course and you should be familiar with basic concepts and language related to language teaching. 

The fee for the Paper-Based Teaching Knowledge Test (per module) is £55.

*Hybrid online courses are suitable if you have to quarantine or self-isolate for up to 10-days here in the UK. You can join the school-based class after your quarantine period has ended.