Online Academic Management

Saturday Course

Quick Facts


Minimum Age - 20


Hours/Week - 20:00


Maximum Class Size - 14


Course Length (weeks) - 7 - 7


Course Level - Higher Inermediate Plus (B2+)

Course Fees

1 - 3 Saturdays
£120 per day

4+ Saturdays
£100 per day

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Course Information

 Start Dates:

13 February

27 February

13 March

27 March

11 September

25 September

09 October

23 October


Our brand-new, modular, part-time courses allow you to enjoy the benefits of two of our most popular courses for teachers, even if you are unable to travel to the UK.

We’ve broken down our Academic Management course into 4 modules each, each taught over 6 live trainer-led lessons on a single Saturday. You can choose to take stand-alone modules according to your needs, interests and availability, or to take all 4 modules to complete a 4-week online academic management course, which is WSE certified.


 Module 1: Management


  Module 2: Teachers


  Module 3: Policies, Systems and Procedures


​​​​​​​  Module 4: Students and Courses

Module Dates

Module Topic

Spring Dates

Autumn Dates

Management 13 February 11 September
Teachers 27 February 25 September
Policies, Systems & Procedures 13 March 09 October
Students and Courses 27 March 23 October

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